Tesserae Stairway

A fragile magician fell down the stairs.
She hit the floor hard.
Her bones shattered like glass
On the staircase in shards.

A messy mosiac of memories
Lit up the carpet like stars,
Reflecting pleasant stories
And those which left her scarred.

Though frail, she was never weak,
And through windows never barred,
She shone courage. She was light, a prism,
A mosaic magician who played every card.


Byzantine Marble Mosaic Panel, 5th-6th Century AD

Composed of tesserae, depicting a bull leaping over a long house, above a curved linear border, 105cm x 130cm approx.

This unusual mosaic probably once formed part of a larger hunting scene. Animal hunts were popular design choices for Roman mosaics, and showed dogs or large cats, such as leopards and lions, or even humans, pursuing bulls, stags and other prey. The house may be intended to signify the scale of the beast or to add a sense of dynamism.