Santa Monica’s famous mosaic home

Aziz and Louise Farnam started their decoration habits humbly enough - putting a single periwinkle square up into the corner of a retaining wall in their Santa Monica home. But things quickly, and colorfully, escalated from there:

Theycollected pieces of cobalt blue, aqua, plum and yellows from pale to sunny. They broke or cut them with special nippers into irregular shapes and applied those to the wall, letting them radiate in no particular pattern from the original piece.

They finished that wall, then tiled the walkway to the front door.

From there, things escalated — to a traffic-stopping degree. Motorists routinely slam on their brakes to marvel at the eccentric artistry.

“Everyone knows my house,” Louise said. “Just say ‘mosaic tile house in Santa Monica.’”

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Photos: Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times

Mosaic Moray Eel | Enchelycore ramosus

“The mosaic moray is a moray eel of the genus Enchelycore, found in south-east Australia and around the offshore islands off Northland on the North Island of New Zealand at depths down to 100 metres, in reef areas of broken rock. Their length is between 40 and 180 centimetres (up to 6 feet), making them the largest known member of their genus.”    -

(by Waterdragon62)