"Found in a Bookstore" – Moshua

Two boys walked around the bookstore, unaware of each other. They didn’t know each other but they had some special connection through Dalton. One ran away from it, one had an ex-boyfriend there. They were both, one way or the other, hurt in that school. They liked it there but at the same time they hated it. If they were to come back, there would certainly be a lot of flashbacks. Flashbacks that didn’t seem all too welcomed in their heads.

Micah found a book; it was one of those books that you start reading even before you reached the cash register. He loved books like those. The story just jumped from the page for him and he couldn’t help but read a chapter (or two) of it.

Joshua was just browsing; feeling a little bored at home and decided to look for a new book to read. He rounded the shelf corner, looking at the spines and bumping into a bespectacled boy, causing him to drop the book.

“I’m so sorry.” Joshua whispered and bent down to pick up the book. “I should’ve watched where I was going.” He looked up at the boy to send him an apologetic smile but he stopped mid-action. He was completely stunned by how gorgeous this boy was.

Micah smiled. “It’s okay, that’s what I get for reading in the shelves.”

Some good finally came into their lives. After almost a year and a half of crap happening to them every corner they went, something went right instead of left. It was like the universe was giving them an apology in the form of a boy in a library.

“Yeah, you shouldn’t be doing that.” Joshua chuckled. “I mean, what if I book I wanted to see was that one you were leaning on? What then?”

Micah laughed. He leaned off the shelf and they both looked at the title of the book. “Withering Tights…? Really?” He said with disgust.

“I can’t believe they let books like that be sold.”

“Yeah, definitely.”

They shared another smile. They just clicked into place and Josh realized that he was still holding the book Micah was reading and offered it back to him. Micah took it numbly, still surveying the boy right in front of him. “Thanks… I’m Micah.”


“Our names rhyme.” Micah paused and blushed lightly. “I can’t believe I said that.”

It was Josh’s turn to laugh. “I guess they do.” He looked down at his sneakers nervously and looked back up at Micah. “So, Micah… Do you want to grab some coffee? You know, after you buy that book?”

“Coffee sounds wonderful.” Micah agreed. They both sighed with relief, knowing that they were both lonely, gay boys looking for someone.

Josh has been going to bookstore after bookstore, and so has Micah, wishing that some boy would whisk them away to some sort of adventure or date. Neither of them really expected it to happen but here it was, in the flesh, in real time. It was like a dream come true. Like a fairy godmother granted both of their wishes.