moshing pit

Life is Strange affects me on such a deep and personal level that I’m stuck thinking about it at least 20 times a day. It’s a whole different world but I relate so closely to its characters. I was in a terribly painful state of mind before I stepped into this story back in 2015, and now I owe Dontnod so much for introducing the game. And Deck Nine did such an amazing job with Before the Storm, it only took the first episode to break me. Like fuck, I love Life is Strange.

I’m hella pathetic XD

y’all think I’m joking about the mosh pits at the symphony, but I’m dead serious.

classical music concerts have seriously become way too stuffy, and it’s genuinely making people hate the genre entirely. no one wants to come to a concert where they’ll get chastised for clapping at the wrong time or breathing too loud. and I get that you can’t headbang to a bach partita, but for some composers, their music wasn’t meant to be listened to in a stone-faced, reverent silence that’s required at all classical concerts. 

at any given symphony, there’s around 100 musicians on stage, and the concert halls usually have unbelievably great acoustics. it’s like nothing else, and we’re expected to just sit quietly during these epic brass and percussion parts? the musicians are pouring their hearts out and the conductor is literally dripping sweat onto his score, and we can only show a minimal amount of enthusiasm? that’s bull.

at heavy metal concerts, people will mosh and headbang even if the music isn’t particularly great, because that’s just what you’re expected to do. at classical concerts, people just sit, seemingly unimpressed and critical and on the verge of falling asleep, because that’s what you’re expected to do. it’s a relatively recent phenomenon, and I think it’s something that can be changed and should be changed if we want more people to be able to listen to and sincerely enjoy classical music.