moshae sjefa


The angara are the only known sentient species local to the Heleus cluster. Oral histories describe how ancient angara were tribal and nomadic before settling in cities. Many of them still live in large, tight-knit families and workplaces have a guild-like organizational structure. Spirituality has a role in angaran daily life, with their calendar making space for the religious holidays of many different faiths.

More Angara practice turns into post end game Moshae and Evfra as the Ambassador and head the new Angaran military. Feat. some new threads I designed for them. 

Moshae’s outfit is meant to be Angaran in nature but borrows some elements from the Initiative fashion as a sign of peace. Evfra on the other hand just got a bit of an upgrade but not by much. 

Into the Vault

A couple of months ago, @cullenstairshenanigans offered me the opportunity to collaborate in a BioWare-themed fanzine for Magic City Con. I had to contribute an original piece made exclusively for the fanzine and I chose to draw Moshae Sjefa.

It’s been a pleasure and I hope to repeat the experience next year if they ask me again.

Casually crying internally because you promised yourself you’d romance Reyes but you really wanna romance Jaal (and Vetra, and Peebee, and Avela, and Liam, and Cora, and Gil, and Suvi [AND TIRAN AND KESH AND KALLO AND EVFRA AND MOSHAE SJEFA AND JAAL’S MOM AND THAT CRANKY ASARI THAT JUST WANTS YOU TO PAY FOR YOUR DRINKS])