mosh party

pretty sure that if i wear platforms to a mosh party im gonna break my ankles and die but still.. small people gotta cope

Idk why I just remembered this but once I used to go to those weird teen clubs when I was a freshman/sophomore in highschool and the first time we went they gave us drinks for free so I had like 2 monster energy drinks and also even though I was a fat kid I was like. A small bundle of uncensored power cuz I love to dance like my friends sorta hung in the corner and sometimes got flirted with with the guys there but there was tint, round me jumping around and going absolutely ham because I was 100% having a good time

But anyways that night I got all my friends to dance with me and we more or less moshed to “Party Rock Anthem” and halfway through (after I had been dancing like? Non stop for 3 hours and shotgunned 2 energy drinks) just. Passed out. Against the wall. Just slunk the fuck over with the lights and music still going just like a goddamn body on the ground with strobe lights going off around me

They managed to wake me up and drag me to the front and I was severely dehydrated but the bar dudes told me I partied hard and gave me free food and drink and we hung out in the front room and watched the like movie thing they had on

Like partying too hard to party Rock Anthem and passing out in a nightclub was the highlight of my freshmen year it was so dumb