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Quote from Girl Meets Bear
  • Zay to Maya: So I want you to know that I'd be happy to sit with you next to Riley and Lucas at the movies. So we can all be together.
  • Zay to Josh: That alright with you? I don't care, is that alright with you?
  • Josh to Zay: Well I think that's up to Maya.
  • [Josh could have answered yes or no but he said that it's up to Maya.
  • This shows that Josh isn't selfish and cares about Maya more than himself.]
There's only one bed... | Peter Parker

Summary: Tom and the reader have been friends since they began high school. Since they first met they just clicked. A school trip was coming up and they have to share a hotel room together with only one bed…

Warning: None.

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

“Y/N. Y/N wake up we landed.”
As you opened your eyes you saw your best friend Peter shaking you lightly. “Yay. You’re up. We landed already and we’re gonna head to the hotel room. C'mon let’s go.” Peter said extending out his hand for you to take.
You and Peter were on a school trip. It was halfway across the country so you had to take an airplane. You left you the trip right after school, along with the rest of your class. The plane ride was 7 hours long so it was now 11 p.m. You fell asleep in the last hour of the plane ride but you were still extremely tired.
As you walked though the airport with your class you and Peter went on and on, talking about how this week was going to be super fun. He had been looking forward to this trip ever since he found out about it and so were you.
Once you had finally reached the hotel, everyone stood in the lobby and waited for the teacher to tell you who you would be sharing a room with.
“Okay, Mr. Parker you will be sharing a room with Y/N. Here is your room key, you are free to go up and get settled but remember that we all need to be in the cafeteria by 9:00 a.m. So that we aren’t late to our first destination.” Your teacher said. You and Peter looked at each other a bit confused because everyone else was paired up with people of the same gender.
“ That’s weird, he actually let us share a room.” You said
“ It is, but I’m not complaining” Peter said with a smile. You smiled back and headed up to your room. When you opened the door and turned on the light you quickly ran towards the big window in the living room because you wanted to see the view. Peter, being the gentleman he is, took your bags and his and took them to the bedroom.
“Peter this room is amazing! The view is perfect!” You exclaimed.
“ There’s just one thing…” Peter said.
“ What?” You questioned.
“There’s only one bed and there’s two of us.” He said with a smile and a faint, but noticeable red tint on his cheeks. Truth is, he has had a crush on you ever since he met you. You were is dream girl. The Moshe amazing person he had ever met, he just didn’t have the guts to tell you because he didn’t want to ruin your friendship.
“I mean, it’s okay if you don’t want to share the bed, I can sleep on the couch if you want.” Peter said.
“No I don’t mind Pete, cmon lets get ready for bed.” You told him. That somehow calmed his nerves down a little.
After you and Peter had taken showers and brushed your teeth you guys were all set for bed. Peter was already lying down on the bed texting Ned on his phone. You could tell it was Ned because no one else made Peter laugh though text messages besides Ned. They always sent each other science/nerd puns which were actually quite funny.
You got into bed and turned off the lights. Peter turned over, put his phone to charge and then faced you. Even though your eyes were closed and the lights were off you could feel his eyes on you as you payed there. The bed and the room were both pretty cold so you shivered.
“Do you want to cuddle? You seem like you need it.” Peter said.
“Sure.” You said. He wrapped his warm arms around your waist and you rested your head on his chest. Weather you wanted to admit it to yourself or not, you totally had a huge crush on Peter. That night you fell asleep as the happiest girl in the world.

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