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[I think Dr. Mora is as monstrous as Krell Mosett. He seems completely unable to understand that he is Odo’s foster father in all but name and that his random electric shocks, depriving him of air, and trying to tear him apart on a molecular level when Odo was too young and undeveloped to understand what was happening to him was well beyond child abuse. He seems to regard Odo more as a monkey he taught to type than an independent and sentient person.]

peel the scars off my back, i don’t need them anymore; a marius/cosette fanmix

1. love love love - avalanche city // 2. a plain morning - dashboard confessional // 3. night terror - laura marling // 4. i love you (i always have) - mikky ekko // 5. all about your heart - mindy gledhill // 6. let there be love - oasis // 7. welcome home - radical face // 8. dead hearts - stars // 9. oberkampf - woodpigeon

graphic by s-eyfried


To Earn Your Light: Chapter 1/?

My new Cosette and Marius, Rapunzel AU is up! Please check it out!

After the Thenardier’s kidnap the Princess Euphrasie, they lock her in a tower where her hair (that posses the power to make them young) grows & grows. They never let her out, not for eighteen years, and call her Cosette (sometimes). Cosette is getting restless though, and the ground beneath her doesn’t seem as dangerous as she once thought it to be. Cosette & Marius. Rapunzel AU.

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Graphic made by Samantha the Great (Poninefauchelevent)

Cosette was reapplying her eyeliner for the fourth time when she heard a knock on the bathroom door. It creaked open, revealing Marius in an elegant grey suit.

“It’s bad luck for you to see me right now,” she warned him, tugging at his bow tie. 

Marius grinned and ran his hand down the soft fabric of her dress. “I don’t put faith in superstitions.”

She laughed and pulled him in for a kiss.