With a gorgeous background that looks like it was taken straight out of Singin’ in the Rain as well as the song, “Moses Supposes” which is the exact number from the film, this short is very strange, and beautiful. Definitely captures the attention.



What I love about this particular musical number is that the vocal instructor - the fellow in the blue suit - evidently isn’t from the universe where people express themselves with random song and dance numbers. He clearly has no idea what’s going on. Can he even hear the music? How bizarre and threatening these strange, capering men must seem.


Donald O'Connor & Gene Kelly, “Moses Supposes” (Singin’ in the Rain, 1952)

All time favorite dance sequence in a musical – YouTube hits are at over 300 thousand ( half of those probably belong to me, guilty).  The ease and simplicity with which they move is mesmerizing, and tap is pretty darn tricky to maintain a smooth upper body.  Plus the synergy !! What I would have given to have be trained by these two. Double sigh.