Mose Allison: Delta Cosmopolitan

Story-teller, humorist, social critic, singer, songwriter and pianist, Delta-native Mose Allison is a one-of-a-kind. His music is always both soulful and wryly intelligent. Marc Myers has posted the 2013 NEA Jazz Masters piece on Mose as well as some fine examples of his singular music.

-Michael Cuscuna

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Mose Allison: Your Molecular Structure

This clip by Mose Allison is from a 1975 edition of Soundstage, the PBS show shot in Chicago. Mose wrote inventive, sardonic, funky songs throughout the ‘60s that became classics in jazz and rock circles. In the ‘70s, the public was catching up with his gems. In the ‘80s, he had another eruption of composing brilliance that resulted in three great Blue Note albums of new songs.

-Michael Cuscuna

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  • Mose Allison - My Brain

from the album The Way of the World (2010)

Take good care of your “cool little cluster”, folks.

Mose, piano legend and among the wittiest of songwriters, dubbed “the William Faulkner of jazz”, was 84 yesterday.

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Talk(ing) pt 2

ok u know how tumblr works-if you want this 2 make sense scroll down to Talk(ing) and read that 1st-or maybe i should just reblog after i have posted this-decisions.decisions…or just skip the whole thing-cute kitten anyone?

anyway-I was talking about Apple-they had a developer day-and NOTHING HAPPENED! people on tv showed the apple watches they were wearing-but there was nothing 2 talk about

meantimes-the market went down a little-the Dow is now negative 4 the year (again-this has happened almost as many times as the Nazz crossed 5k( that’s the NASDAQ-not the Todd Rundgen band-Hello (it’s me)

uh oh-got 2 post- (I’m really not a compulsive person) 

oh yeah-I didn’t buy or sell anything today- 

I read somewhere that any changes in a stock or index of around ½ % was just noise-so there have been a string of “noisy” days-nothing to see here-no crash-no injuries (no kittens were harmed during the writing of this post.)

oh yeah Greece might default (do u blame them?) there was a story in the journal or times about someone defaulting on student loans- I still owe a little but I chose an expensive private college and nobody put a (proverbial) gun 2 my head-could pay it off but at 3% i can generally beat that so i choose to pay it slowly-

tags below are people i forgot the 1st time

“I didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time/I’ll gibe it right back to you one of these days”