mose the monster


So my best friend has been in the military for six years and back in 2013 she got one of Miss Monster’s Mose plushes and sent another to me. She’s finally 100% officially DONE and so I flew down to Georgia a few days ago to help her drive back up to Seattle. We wanted to do updates on our trip for our family, but we figured it would be more amusing to document her Mose’s travels back to his buddy on our Fury Road Trip.

Today we’re ready to head out to Atlanta for an Aquarium adventure before we depart for good.

Pretty awesome to wake up to a ton of shares of my Cookie Monster mini tutorial and 500 or so new followers on Instagram😀. It means so much to bloggers when you credit us, so thank you! Great start to my study break. I’m going to film two tutorials today, because I realised the footage from my video I was going to put up this week has been accidentally deleted!! This is my last Cookie Monster nail art, inspired by @robinmosesnailart. Elmo will definitely be making an appearance in the near future too! #nailart #nails #cookies #cookiemonster