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Chance The Rapper - Israel (Sparring) ft. Noname Gypsy  

“ Sparring is training
Chain snatching the slaves
But a rap song is a match in a cave
Dim lit, wet wick, wicked wrath in its way
Drunk off of light, lies, laughing
Claiming asylum while shying in shade
I can’t stay silent, I go violent when my violets is gray
And my roses is black
Fuck the pharaohs and pharisees, Moses is back
I don’t need to see a Sphinx to know they noses was black
I don’t know one temptation that had Otis’ back…”


You know what my favorite bit of irony involving any Biblical adaptation is? The casting/writing of Moses and Aaron in The Prince of Egypt

(bear in mind, I love that movie to the point where it’s my favorite Bible adaptation, but this bit of trivia makes me giggle every time)

So, in the original story of Exodus, Moses complains that he’s not good at the whole “public speaking” thing when God tells him to go verbally knock some sense into the Pharoah. As such, God appoints Aaron, Moses’ older brother, to do all the talking for him and be his “prophet”.

Obviously, a lot of adaptations decided “Nah, Moses isn’t as cool if he’s gotta have someone else talk for him” and just have Moses give all the badass speeches himself. But then Prince of Egypt goes one step further and also casts Jeff Goldblum and his unique speech pattern as Aaron.

Maybe I’m just a jerk, but that’s kinda funny to me.


why do grown ups go weird around babies?
erm, it’s actually this thing called pheromones. they give off a certain smell that makes their mums want to nurture.

(Just in case…)

Fav scene: As drew the other day, the scene where Moses doesn’t discard the ring given to him by Rameses, & Rameses touches the ring while talking about their memories.

Fav song: The Plagues. This movie is interesting that it can be seen from different viewpoints of hero & villain. (But I think that it’s not poetical justice, their missions are both justice for them…)
& Through Heaven’s Eyes. Jethro’s view is completely different from Seti, that contrast is interesting. (After that, it leads to Moses’s words “What do you see?”)
Jethro’s broad-mindedness is amazing, and Moses looks when he’s enjoying lively his new life in Midian is so good.

Headcanon: Though Moses met his real family and left Egypt, if Rameses was alive after the last scene, he wears the keepsake ring till the end of his day even if he made his new family and made his country prosper as the historical Rameses II.

He is stubborn and narrow-minded, but I like his sense of responsibility and brotherly love.

Though I wasn’t able to participate much, this week was fantastic.
Thank you for the wonderful time:)

The “Run The Club” series is back!! Mixing together the biggest HipHop & RnB records with some afro beats for good measure. Take a listen and enjoy.

1. Peter Jackson ft YG & Mazze - Hold Up
2. Tech N9ne - Hood Go Crazy (feat. 2 Chainz & BoB)
3. Tyga - Hollywood
3. DJ Khaled Ft Chris Brown & Lil Wayne & Big Sean - How Many Times
4. Juicy J Ft Rae Sremmurd - Already
5. The Weeknd - The Hills
6. Fetty Wap Ft Drake - My Way
7. Ty Dolla $ign - Only Right ft. YG, Joe Moses & TeeCee4800 - Only Right
8. Chris Brown, Tyga ft. ScHoolboy Q - Bitches N Marijuana
9. Omarion ft. Dej Loaf, Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign & Rick Ross
- Post To Be (Remix)
10. RJ Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Joe Moses - Your Money
11. T-Pain ft Juicy J - Make That Shit Work
12. Krept & Konan Ft Jeremih - Freak Of The Week
13. Jamie XX Ft Young Thug & Popcaan - Good Times
14. Busy Signal - Text Message
15. Dem Man Der - E45
16. J Hus - Lean & Bop

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archer-bro  asked:

When You Believe has terrible theology? Elaborate.

Basically the emphasis is all on what you can achieve if you just believe hard enough, which is not Biblical at all. Yes, miracles happen, but they happen because God wills them to, not because of how strong our faith is. If anything, the pattern in the Bible is that God works through weak, fallible people with serious doubts. Moses didn’t part the Red Sea because his faith was so strong. God did it through him to save His people.

The strength of our faith or how hard we believe does not matter nearly as much as the strength of the God we believe in. The object of our faith matters so much more than our faith itself. If the object of our faith is weak or nonexistent, then our faith is pointless.

Who wrote that book?

I just had to explain to another class of primary kids that the Jews didn’t kill Jesus. It’s not their fault, it’s what they’ve been told and it’s rare that they meet a Jew or even a concern goy to set them right.

Me: “What religion was Moses?”
Kid1: “christian”
Me: “No, sorry. Why couldn’t Moses have been a christian?”
Kid1: “Oh, cause christians weren’t invented then?”
Me:”Right. Christianity started a lot later, so Moses would never have had the option to be a christian, he never would have heard of them.”
Kid2: “But I thought he killed all those Egyptians cause they didn’t want to be christians.”
Me: “No, his people were slaves in Egypt and G-D sent plagues to get Pharaoh to free them. Who were his people?”
Kid3:”The Jewishs!”
Me:”Yes! Ok then what about Jesus, what religion was he?”
Me:”Go on, I think you have something.”
Kid1:”He wouldn’t have started as a christian, cause he started it, but not when he was a baby, so he would have started….”
Me:”As… a…”
Kid1:”But didn’t the Jews kill Jesus?”
_ _ Pause  _ _
Me:”No. Why would they do that?”
Kid3:”Cause they didn’t think he was the Jesus.”
Me:”So, I don’t think you’re the Jesus, I’m not trying to kill you.
So who did kill Jesus?”
Kid1: “Romans.”
Me: “Yes. So why do the Jews get blamed, doesn’t seem very fair to me…”
Kid1: “Cause the Jews wanted him dead.”
Me:”How do you know that?”
Kid1:”I read it in a book.”
Me:”I’d check who wrote that book if I were you… Listen, the Romans were an occupying military force in the Jew’s country right? They had all the big weapons and they held regular executions, why would they kill someone for the Jews?”

For this class i managed to prove lack of motive and opportunity and establish that the only witness was the other defendant. But the real question is; why does this keep coming to trial?

The Unvarnished Truth

Spiritual teachers, like law professors and philosophers, like to speak in riddles. They like to “make us think for ourselves”. I am guilty of this myself. This time I am going to approach it differently. I am going to write the unvarnished truth.

Here goes:

Nobody knows what happens after we die. Moses didn’t know. The Buddha didn’t know. Jesus didn’t know. Mohammed didn’t know. The Pope doesn’t know. The Dalai Lama doesn’t know. I don’t know and neither do you. Reason tells us that nobody has ever died and come back to give us the details. Dead is dead. Nobody has ever talked to God. All stories of such things are mythology or the ramblings of the mad. We don’t know if there is reincarnation. We do not know if there is enlightenment or moksha. Nobody knows these things. 

However, many people BELIEVE these things and just as nobody knows that they are real and exist likewise nobody knows for certain that they are false and don’t exist. This means two things. The first is that worrying about what happens after we die is a waste of energy. The second is that so long as your beliefs give you comfort and make you more compassionate and loving then more power to you. If your belief system causes you to be cruel, to war or to hate then your beliefs are without a doubt false. 

Concern yourself with living. Live life for no other reason than to live. Be kind. Be loving. Be compassionate. Be generous. Respect and care for your elders. Protect and guide your children. Love. Love one another always. Do this and you will be prepared for whatever happens after we die.

But Moses pleaded with the Lord, “O Lord, I’m not very good with words. I never have been, and I’m not now, even though you have spoken to me. I get tongue-tied, and my words get tangled.” - Ex. 4:10

God used Moses mightily to bring His children out of slavery, but even Moses struggled looking past his shortcomings. In Exodus 4:1, even after God had told Moses EXACTLY what He was about to in Exodus 3, Moses was still doubtful saying, “What if they won’t believe me or listen to me? ” But God continued to reveal Himself and His plan for His children even when Moses didn’t believe he was capable.
These verses are not in the Bible by any accident. God knew that we’d let doubts and insecurities take over instead of looking to Him. But here’s the good news: “Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, we…confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory.” - Rom 5:2

Wow. The underserved privilege where we NOW stand–with CONFIDENCE, all because of JESUS, and not even our deepest insecurities can separate us from the love of God (Rom 5:8)

Remember this when it comes to:

Whatever it is about your hair, your body, your nose, your lips, your skin that has trapped you into thinking that this certain thing about you is somehow a mistake, know that it is not. You are beautiful. You are loved. And God’s love is STILL there when you struggle remembering this.

It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t accomplished. It doesn’t matter what expectations you aren’t meeting in your family or circle of friends. God’s love and His plan for you surpasses ANYTHING people think of you.

Doesn’t matter what you’ve done, NONE of us deserve the privilege of His love. You are not too flawed for God. God uses flawed people. Walk with your head high and know you’re BETTER than the life of darkness you left behind because of Jesus. It doesn’t matter what they say about you. God’s love for you revealed through Christ surpasses it all.

Biblical context + further reading: Ex. 3-4, Rom. 5:1-11

Exodus 33:15 Moses said, “If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here.
Moses did not want to move even an inch without God, without His leading. Moses didn’t want to miss out on what God had for him and his people. Every decision he made was made in consultation with God. God was his compass.
He wanted the nations around him to know who his Guide was. He wanted them to know what a great God His God was. He wanted to see God glorified every step of the way.
For how then can it be known that I have found favour in Your sight, I and Your people? Is it not by Your going with us, so that we, I and Your people, may be distinguished from all the other people who are upon the face of the earth?”( V16-17)
Do you want to see God glorified in your life? Walk in step with Him. Let His presence go with you every step of the way.

God loves us, but He doesn’t need us. You can miss out on your opportunity to partner with Him. He’ll hand your calling off to someone else.

Moses didn’t get to lead the people into he promised land. God handed it to Joshua.

David didn’t get to finish building the temple in Jerusalem. God handed it to Solomon.

Be faithful and God will use you to do awesome things. Otherwise He’ll use the guy next to you instead.