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Mertle: -makes fun of Lilo’s zombie costume for Halloween-
Moses: Hey Lilo why don’t you change into a different costume and be a princess like the other girls instead of using that zombie costume you obviously put a lot of time and care into getting right?

Mertle: -is a little bitch to Lilo when Lilo is given charge of an event-
Moses: Lilo, you have to cooperate when you’re the leader of something.
Moses: -doesn’t give Mertle the same speech when the roles are reversed later-

Mertle: -admits, on stage, in a performed dance, that one of her hobbies is making fun of ‘Wierdlo’-
Moses: Does NOTHING because he’s SHIT and Lilo deserved way better as a Hula teacher and adult mentor. The MAD SCIENTIST was a better role model for Lilo than this man and he made 628 genetically modified monsters whose purpose was literally to make life difficult and to descend civilization into chaos.


why do grown ups go weird around babies?
erm, it’s actually this thing called pheromones. they give off a certain smell that makes their mums want to nurture.

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Heya, I saw your recent post about Ramesses' sons, and I heard a lot about the third one (was it Khaemwaset ? Sorry about the spelling ;;) had a big chunck of littérature about him, he was also considered as one of the first egyptologist and archaeologist ; I did spent quite a few nights looking at that and HE IS AN AWESOME CHARACTER I think you'd love him !

Oh, Khaemwaset!
He had something of the scholar in his composition, and had different charm from his father as you say.

Actually I’m curious about him, because recently I have finished reading Christian Jacq’s Ramses series. (In the story of this book, he was described as Ramses’ first born. But he didn’t die in the plagues by Moses in that story, the person who tried to kill him wasn’t Moses but an assassin from other country)

When I have searched more about him I might draw him :D Thank you for recommending!


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name: Megan
nickname: Meg, Meggers, Ace, She Who Sets Everything She Cooks On Fire
zodiac sign: Libra
hogwarts house: hard Gryffindor (I’m very fight me lol)
height: 5′3
orientation: asexual (which makes it fun to write allosexual characters lol)
ethnicity: Um. God. Get a drink kids you might be here a while. Short version, Latina-Welsh. Yeah, actual Welsh. My mother immigrated from Wales. My grandmother on dad’s side was also Apache, although because her father “crawled out of the desert old as Moses” we don’t know how much. My grandfather on dad’s side also had some Italian. My grandmother on my mom’s side was also Swiss? Look, I said you’d be here a while.
favorite fruit: Grapes. Or maybe Apples. Idk.
favorite season: I like the heat. I like summer. But winter is when the insect population descends back into the pits of hell where they belong.
favorite book series: Cliche, but, Harry Potter.
favorite fictional characters: Too many. Just too many.
favorite flower: Carnations
favorite scent: Anything tropical
favorite animal: I don’t like bugs and all the snakes where I live are evil and must be vanquished. Other than that, I like every other animal out there.
favorite artist/band: Dragonforce, Two Steps From Hell, Linkin Park (Shush), Lindsey Stirling, E.S. Posthumus
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: anything but flavored leaf water.
average sleep hours: I don’t sleep. I wait.
number of blankets i sleep with: one- unless it’s cold af then more
last thing i googled: *carefully rolls google search history under carpet* I’m a writer ok
blog created: 2011. I think. Christ I’ve been here a long time, even with the two year break I took.
how many blogs i follow: UM. Good question… probably over 500
number of followers: um… I think 350 last I checked?
what do i usually post: DA stuff, ME stuff, MEMES. Relatable stuff. Also cats. And doggos.
do i get asks regularly?: Look even if I did Tumblr mobile wouldn’t tell me anyway.

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For those of you who don’t already know (it’s all over tumblr so I’m assuming you all know) last night How I Met Your Mother came to an end. So many people are disappointed with the finale which makes me sad but I think what’s important is that so many brilliant things came out of that show. I’ve grown up with himym and I’ve learnt so much from it so I wanted to share with you 21 life lessons I’ve learnt from himym and even of you don’t watch it (you should) these rules still apply.

1. Things have to fall apart to make way for better things
2. Nothing good ever happens after 2am
3. Whatever you do in this life is not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it
4. You have to there for the big moments
5. If you’re going through hell that’s okay, because in the end it’ll make the lesson clearer
6. Find the happy ending you deserve
7. You have to let go of the person you’re not meant to be with, so you can become available for the one who’s right for you.
8. Fight for what you believe in
9. Give your friends really rad nicknames (but don’t let them create their own *cough* t-mose)
10. If you can’t agree on something take it to a vote
11. Interventions are important
12. Don’t rush into things because good things take time
13. It’s never too early to plan ahead
14. If you find someone you love, love them forever
15. Let the universe take over, it has plans for you
16. If you want to see something legendary you’re going to have to wait for it
17. When you find someone you want to keep around, do something about it
18. Don’t postpone joy
19. You know it’s true love if you can imagine sitting on a porch with them when you’re old and grey
20. Find someone who doesn’t just accept your flaws, but loves you for them
21. Your friends, are your family

goodbye marshmallow, lilypad, robin sparkles, swarley and teddy westside! thank you for being 5 friends I’ve come to love as my own

Sincerely yours,

The “Run The Club” series is back!! Mixing together the biggest HipHop & RnB records with some afro beats for good measure. Take a listen and enjoy.

1. Peter Jackson ft YG & Mazze - Hold Up
2. Tech N9ne - Hood Go Crazy (feat. 2 Chainz & BoB)
3. Tyga - Hollywood
3. DJ Khaled Ft Chris Brown & Lil Wayne & Big Sean - How Many Times
4. Juicy J Ft Rae Sremmurd - Already
5. The Weeknd - The Hills
6. Fetty Wap Ft Drake - My Way
7. Ty Dolla $ign - Only Right ft. YG, Joe Moses & TeeCee4800 - Only Right
8. Chris Brown, Tyga ft. ScHoolboy Q - Bitches N Marijuana
9. Omarion ft. Dej Loaf, Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign & Rick Ross
- Post To Be (Remix)
10. RJ Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Joe Moses - Your Money
11. T-Pain ft Juicy J - Make That Shit Work
12. Krept & Konan Ft Jeremih - Freak Of The Week
13. Jamie XX Ft Young Thug & Popcaan - Good Times
14. Busy Signal - Text Message
15. Dem Man Der - E45
16. J Hus - Lean & Bop

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