moscow trials

You are now observing Thermidor in a pure form. The French Revolution taught us a good lesson, but we weren’t able to put it to use. We don’t know how to protect our revolution from Thermidor. That is our greatest mistake, and history will condemn us for it.
—  Lev Kamenev to his interrogator after a year and a half in prison

Trotsky speaking in English about the Moscow trials. Today marks the anniversary of Leon Trotsky’s assassination. Struck down 72 years ago by an ice-pick to the head from a cowardly Stalinist assassin, he soon fell into a coma and died the following day, 21st August 1940.

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so you’re saying the moscow trials were bogus? what basis do you have for saying that?

imagine asking, “the moscow show trials were bogus?” jesus lmao. anyways i don’t have time to argue the case of one of the most complex and controversial cases of soviet law in history but if you want to you can read just about any book on the terror written since the opening of the archives

We communists are stalinists exactly because we are communists

With that title I want to give a book to read since fascist’s soltzenicin part of story seems to be the only defence of the bourgeois and he wasn’t even analyst.So “another view of stalin” by ludo martens,which exposures the role of the opportunists,clarifies the more than democratic moscow trials and of coyuse the role of coulacs in ukraine and the debated katyn,which by any means should be debated but one sided.My favorite part is of course about the opportunist middle class “philosopher” leon trotsky.It should be noted ludo martens was at the edge of anticommunism and that research helped him change his view,great book.

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