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can i request some natasha/pierre fluff like immediately following his proposal (from the miniseries)?

Hi hi hi sorry it took me a while to get to this I had to finish the miniseries first!


Yes. Yes I could. Yes I do, dear Pierre.

It’s everything she’s ever wanted, she realizes, wrapped in Pierre’s strong arms, her mouth open against his. Her dearest love and–apart from Sonya, perhaps–her oldest friend.

Of course she loves him. Of course she wants to bind her heart and soul to his. 

She’s never kissed a man for this long before. All of her previous kisses were either affectionate but brief or hasty, stolen, shameful things. But now there is only Pierre against her, holding her, loving her, and she wants to just melt into him. He skims his hand down her back and it comes to rest at her waist; she hooks an arm around his shoulder and uses the leverage to pull herself up, closer, anything to be closer. Moscow could burn again around them and she’d burn with it, happily. Right now, Pierre is more important than everything. More important than air.

It is Pierre who pulls away first, barely, then touches his forehead to Natasha’s. His eyes are shining with tears. “I–I didn’t dare–” he whispers, “I didn’t dare think about what I would say if you said yes, and maybe it’s just as well because I don’t think I would have remembered any of it, but Natasha, dear Natasha, I am the happiest man in creation, I’d stake my life on it.”

Natasha feels tears rolling down her own cheeks and hiccups a laugh. “When I was younger, I always thought I would know love the first time I saw it. I thought about it all the time; I was so in love with the idea of it, but then…” Pierre squeezes her as she trails off. “Then I discovered I didn’t know at all. Not at all. There you were, and you always brought my heart joy, and I didn’t see it…”

She leans her head against Pierre’s chest and he tangles his fingers in her hair. “Shhh…”

“But now…oh, Pierre. Pierre, my friend, my love…”

There is a knock at the door. Natasha stands on tiptoe to press one more kiss to Pierre’s mouth before striding across the room and throwing the door open to reveal Princess Marya. Pierre cannot see the look on Natasha’s face, but he has a perfect view of the smile that spreads across Marya’s face in reply as she embraces Natasha with a delighted laugh. It warms his soul to see his dear friend happy as often as she is now. The two best women in his life will soon be sisters.

“We must tell Nikolai!” Marya exclaims.

“And Sonya!”

“And of course you’ll have to stay for dinner, Pierre,” Marya says over Natasha’s shoulder. “We have so much to celebrate!”

“Of course I’ll stay,” says Pierre, crossing the room to take Natasha’s outstretched hand. “The real question is if you’ll be able to get me to leave.”

Marya laughs again and rushes out to speak to the kitchen staff.

“Soon you’ll never have to,” Natasha tells him, and pulls him down for another kiss, even though the doors are open, even though anyone could pass by.

I have finally found someone with as much love to give as I have, Natasha thinks. Look, look at my love.

Anyone could see them.

She hopes someone does.

Title: Starlight and Sunshine

Pairings: RusAme.

Rating: T

Summary: Amidst all that makes us different, each person who walks this earth stands beneath the same sky, and is a witness to the great majesty of our universe. For Alfred Jones and Ivan Braginsky, worlds apart may describe their backgrounds, but in the end we are all beautiful products of of the stars, a fact they shall soon realize.

Notes: Giftfic for yestoomanyfandoms. I’m so sorry this took so long! I’ll do more apologizing at the bottom XP In the meantime, don’t want to hold this up any longer. *pulls curtain across stage as spotlights turn on*

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason…we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust…”

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When he finally manages a fitful sleep at dawn there is Moscow burning and the smell of a battlefield in August and his nonna singing in the kitchen and Joseph grabbing him into a hug and Josephine rolling her eyes at him as she flicks paper across the desk towards him and Meneval his former secretary mooning over some woman he will never have and Duroc dying with intestines over his hands. They are grey with streaks of red. They’re both on horseback. How did Duroc die? Terribly. At Duroc’s side, who is currently dying in his great-uncle’s study in Ajaccio, Napoleon holds Duroc’s hand and kisses his cheek and tells him he loves him. Looking up he sees a fairy climb out of a mirror in his dream-uncle’s study. It wears a large crown of dried lavender and pomegranates and persimmons. Napoleon watches as it walks across to the window. It opens the window revealing the back garden of Mary’s house.

Oh, Napoleon thinks. I need to wake up.

The fairy creature turns and looks at him with beetle eyes. It smiles with those horrifying teeth.

Napoleon and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Dream Sequence. 

New Music Blog

So, i decided to split up my blog a little bit by making a band blog on the side. 

I’m going to try to balance it by throwing in a lot of smaller / up and coming bands, so i’ll make a list of my current favorites and check it out if you’re into it.

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Also, this is just the more well known bands. The less well known bands will come with time.

Alive Like Me
All Time Low
August Burns Red
Avenged Sevenfold
Being As An Ocean
Blink 182
Brand New
Breaking Benjamin
Bullet For My Valentine
Closure in Moscow
Crown The Empire
Cursed Sails
Daft Punk
Dance Gavin Dance
A Day To Remember
The Devil Wears Prada
Escape The Fate
Eyes Set To Kill
The Fall Of Troy
Fall Out Boy
Falling In Reverse 
Famous Last Words
Get Scared
Ghost Town
Hail The Sun
Hands Like Houses
Haste The Day
I Killed The Prom Queen
I The Mighty
Incredible Me’
Jamie’s Elsewhere
Kingdom Of Giants
Like Moths To Flames
Linkin Park
A Lot Like Birds
Mayday Parade
Miss Fortune
Miss May I
Motionless in White
My Chemical Romance
New Years Day
Of Mice & Men
Oh, Sleeper
Our Last Night
Panic! At the Disco
Papa Roach
Perfect Like Me
Picture Me Broken
Pierce the Veil
Rage Against the Machine
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Rise Against
Say Anything
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
A Skylit Drive
Sleeping With Sirens
Suicide Silence
Sum 41
System of a Down
Texas in July
This Wild Life
Three Days Grace
The Used
VersaEmerge / Versa
We Came As Romans
Woe, Is Me
The Word Alive