moscow hall


1.) The One
“This is also inside the abandoned power plant in Budapest. It’s an impressive place, with a huge sense of scale, abandoned machinery everywhere and a strong, haunting atmosphere. I felt like I was in a science fiction movie, and wanted to create my own world.”

2.) Lost in Space
“This image is the result of 180 kilometres of off-road driving in the Kazakhstan desert, followed by 45 kilometres of walking in a highly restricted area. We arrived and there they were; two relics of the Soviet space race in a huge abandoned warehouse. It may be the single most epic scene I’ve discovered since picking up a camera.”

3.) The Lost Era
“This is the Buzludzha monument itself. I decided to explore the monument at night, defying the thick fog wrapping the mountain, to experience a close encounter of the third kind!”

4.) The Mothership
“Linnahall is a former concert hall in Tallinn, Estonia. With a two minute exposure, I could reveal the architecture of the place, which otherwise sat in darkness. To me, it almost looks like a spaceship.”

5.) High Frequency
“This picture was taken in a disused experimental power facility near Moscow, which was closely guarded by half a dozen dogs. After a little persuasive discussion, the caretaker let us in.”

6.) Time Capsule
“In Budapest, I also explored this derelict train graveyard. Located in the middle of an active train depot, I felt like a child escaping reality to walk for a few hours in an imagined world of steel monsters.”

7.) Don’t Fall
“This is a strange structure I found near Sofia, in Bulgaria. The building seemed to be pulling me in. With this image, I wanted to express something impossible, like the work of Escher.”


Throwback Thursday - May 28th

December 1st, 2012, Machinae Supremacy played a show in Moscow Hall for the Rise of a Digital Nation tour. 


  1. All of My Angels
  2. Rise of a Digital Nation
  3. Cyber Warfare
  4. Republic of Gamers
  5. Nova Prospekt
  6. Rocket Dragon
  7. Transgenic
  8. Laser Speed Force
  9. Indiscriminate Murder Is Counter-Productive
  10. 99
  11. Dark City
  12. Force Feedback
  13. Truth of Tomorrow
  14. Edge and Pearl
  15. Through the Looking Glass

The photos in this post are all © Andrey Pushkarenko

Here, as a bonus, is a video of Laser Speed Force (which I’ve been humming for two days) from the same show. 

Have a good Thursday!

- Katarina