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С первой же зарплаты куплю себе велосипед. По улочкам Лондона кататься не вышло, но веселье по улицам Москвы никто не отменял. Пора воплощаться свои детские мечты. Начну с малого. 


Krutitsy Metochion is an operating ecclesiastical estate of Russian Orthodox Church, a little bit of XVII century in Moscow.

Крути́цкое подво́рье (Крутицкое Патриаршее подворье, Крутицкий архиерейский дом,Крутицы) — исторический памятник, основанный в XIII веке, сначала как монастырь, а затем как резиденция епископов Сарских и Подонских; бывший филиал Государственного исторического музея. Памятник архитектуры XVII века в самом центре Москвы.


Gender: Female
Pod: N/A
Place of Capture: Sea of Okhotsk, Russia
Date of Capture: July 2014
Age at Capture: Approx. 4 years
Current Location: Moscow Dolphinarium & Aquarium, Russia

Sometime in July 2014, four more Orca were captured in the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia. Three of the whales were transferred to China, while the fourth, a young female later known as Malyshka or Juliet, was transferred to the Moscow Dolphinarium & Aquarium.

Here, Juliet met two other young whales; another female named Narnia, and a young male named Nord. It appears that Narnia, who is approximately 8 or 9 years old, is a caretaker in regards to both Nord and Juliet, who are both under 6 years. All three whales appear to get along well.

In July 2015, some private shows were conducted, though the purpose for these shows is still unknown. Theories state that it may have been to see if the whales could handle an audience, for advertisement purposes, or for the aquarium owners or investors.

On August 4, 2015, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, visited the aquarium. The following day, the aquarium opened it’s doors to those who received special invitations - however, visitors were met with protesters from the Alliance for Animals. While some visitors ignored them, others were upset. Though some visitors took the time to chat with the protesters and ask questions, and many ended up deciding against going to the aquarium.

According to the website of the Mosquarium, any kind of photography is prohibited, but photos and videos have been appearing on social media sites, such as Instagram, regardless.

Today, Juliet is approximately 6 years old and still resides at the Mosquarium with Nord and Narnia, and is reportedly being trained still.

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