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Designer Jeremy Scott talks about working with CL on recent BILLBOARD Interview!

As a go-to designer for stars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, Jeremy Scott sees his collaborations with artists as extending far beyond dress. “It’s just about that creative sharing and I feel very at home in the world. I feel very protected and appreciated and nurtured and supported and it’s a very nice feeling,” says the designer, who has helmed Italian fashion house Moschino since 2013 in addition to his eponymous label.

This year has been full of music world milestones for him: Scott created costumes for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, met his hero Dolly Parton at the Country Music Awards, and logged studio time with K-pop star CL (a current muse) on her debut English single “Lifted.” In a conversation with Billboard, Scott discusses his musical heroes and explains the difference between dressing musicians and actors.

BILLBOARD: What are some of the highlights of your past year?

Jeremy: I’ve been very excited to be working with my friend CL, whose debut track just came out for her first solo album and full English album, which is really exciting because I feel like K-pop has continued to be such a big import and influence globally. To have her actually have full songs in English and to broaden people’s understanding of her is really exciting. I dressed her for most of the video for “Lifted” which just came out. I’m really, really excited about that.

BILLBOARD: What is it like being based in Los Angeles, when the fashion industry is primarily in New York and Europe?

Jeremy: I love it. The reason I moved here was not only was I inspired by Los Angeles in general – from the color of the sky to the textures and to the just open mindedness, the political views – I also loved that I could isolate myself away from all of that and continue to incubate and curate and create my own world more fiercely. I ultimately do still feel like an outsider and I do feel actually I’m more in the world of music because of how much I participate with musicians – in all aspects, not just clothes. I was in the studio with CL constantly working on her album. Wale asked me to record things with him for his last album. Kanye’s played music for me that’s not yet released. There’s always these things. And then the ideas. Katy or another friend will be like “what about this as a song?”