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Hello, this is my second merthur rec list and I’m still trying to keep it simple. I spent last weekend listing fics from my bookmarks so there will be plenty old fics here. But I add some new ones, too!

And you’re probably wondering “why the hell the list for e-rated fics is so long?!” Ermm, I usually read E-rated fic, that’s why. You’re probably going to see the patterns, too. My favorite tropes, kinks, etc. My tastes are quite predictable…


E-rated fics:

Tales to Tell in the Dark by mushroomtale,Polomonkey (7k)

Hotel Camelot by neuroticnick (11k)

Unconventional Ways of Forming Relationships by rotrude (57K)

Fall Awake by Vaughntronic (41K)

Paint my spirit gold by andiwould (18K)

You Shouldn’t Call The Doctor (If You Can’t Afford The Bills) by Polomonkey (2K)

Invert, Reverse by orphan_account (3K)

Several Paintings by balloonstand (26K)

Tally Mark by supercalvin (8k)

Ask Nicely by clotpolesonly (5k)

Dickmagician by ingberry (7k)

If the Tee-Shirt Fits by Waanderlust (5k)

Pad Crashers by rotrude (18k)

What’s the Problem, Baby? (What’s the Problem? I Don’t Know) by KimliPan (7k)

The Magic Touch by RocknVaughn (12k) because massage and sex and magic uhhh…

It Didn’t Mean Anything by ingberry (9k)

On the Precipice by omgcolinmorgan (Ilovecolinmorgan) (7k)

The Only Moment We Were Alone by emmbrancsxx0 (69k)

The Stablehand by rotrude (34k)

Mask’s On by neuroticnick (19k)

The View from the Mountain by Nympha_Alba (42k)

Enough to Feel Your Breath on Mine by Seravia (39k)

Guard and Keep You by youfeelallthat (7k)

All’s Fair in Love and War by asilentherald (13k)

Les Lettres Défi by BeautifulBlues (31k)

The Lonely King by Cori Lannam (corilannam) (56k)

The Difference of You by ingberry (14k)

It’s Only Time (Why Would I Stop Loving You A Hundred Years From Now?) by SlantedKnitting (10k)

Why Love Matters by Jay_bird (Fr333bird) (16k)

Listen, Learn by Anonymous (3k)

What Child Is This by lamardeuse (30k)

A High King Make by scatterglory (5k)

Losing My Head Over You by RocknVaughn (8k)

Magic Decides by OscarLeogere (8k)

Virginity for Sale! by teprometo (7k)    

M-rated fics:

Cinderella Wasn’t a Clotpole by GeekLover (9k)

All For a Good Cause by alba17 (1k)

In Spite of Everything, the Stars by mushroomtalePolomonkey (82k)

The Devil In Me by Polomonkey (1k) this is just hilarious and hot, okay.

The Brighton Ice Cream Parlour by rotrude (8k)

The Dragon Mosaic by Cookie (46k)

Tangled Autumn by Cookie (12k)

Complications (With Spiderman T-Shirts and Optimistic Outcomes) by herbeautifullie (10k)

Post-it Note Romance by fuzzytomato (9k) I’ve read it a few times and still love it so much.

The Double Single by incapricious (3k)

Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) by sky_reid (15k)    

T-rated fics:

Bavarian Rhapsody by Camelittle (3k)

Sea Green Love by TeddyBearDoctors (2k)

The Raven by boywholivednotdied (69k)

sew your heart to my sleeve by helloearthlings (13k)

Pianos are made for Falling by Fishwrites (103k)

Alterations by lamardeuse (15k)

Barely Even Friends by emeraldcranberryjuice (2k)

Dying to Return by StormDancer (19k)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Something by donutsweeper (14k)

The Boy Next Door by lady_ragnell (6k)

Special Occasion by lamardeuse (3k) You should read What Child is This first.

Remake the Current Stream by hulubululu (44k)

The Nurse’s Visitor by slightlytookish (8k)

For Worse or For Better (Proposal!AU) by anna_zee (20k)

Venti Hazelnut Latte by Styx_in_the_mud (760)

The Wooing of Merlin by aeroport_art (5k)

Marmite by doomcanary (2k)

Impressions by Clea2011 (19k)

Remembrance by EchoRose480 (10k)    

G-rated fics:

You Don’t See Me by jessa_anna (1k)

True Love by A_Diamond (978)

Arthur the Lonely Ogre by Talis_Borne (10k)

The Challenge by bravenclawesome (1k)

All The Promises You Hold (My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Remix) by giselleslash (1k)

Paper Flowers by AlleyaUnknown (1k)

Finally Breaking by queasy_mouse (8k)    

Not Rated fics:

‘Company’ aka How Merlin Met the Love of his Life (and a Few Others, Besides) by lachatblanche (78k)

Smoking Habits by seasalticecream32 (4k) 

Check these out too: x x 

Thanks to all the wonderful authors who spend their time coming up with all the amazing ideas, writing those ideas, and sharing them to all of us!