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We have a new mosaic percent for art project! Artist Soonae Tark created Have a Happy Day at the Buhre Avenue station on the 6 Line in the Bronx. Six unique murals of colorful geometric abstract shapes transform the station platform. The vibrant and whimsical arrangements interact with the bright open sky and natural light of the elevated station. The southbound platform holds murals containing rigid lines and squares reflecting the buildings on the journey towards Manhattan, while the curved and circular lines of the northbound platform mosaics are symbolic of nature and Pelham Bay.

Archaeologists have unearthed a 2 thousand years old mosaic

Mosaic floor has been discovered by a Polish-Georgian archaeological expedition in a room of Roman military bath house in the Apsaros fortress (today’s Gonio) near Batumi. It is the first such discovery in the Adjara region and one of the few in Georgia - archaeologists announced in a press release.

Excavations in the modern village of Gonio have been conducted since June 27 by a joint expedition Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw and the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw, and the Gonio-Apsarus Museum and Sanctuary (near Batumi)

“Although many floor mosaics have been discovered in the countries around the Mediterranean, the Gonio find should be regarded as exceptional. It is one of the few examples of discovery of a luxury finish flooring in a bath house built by the army for its own needs” - Read more.