Artist Jim Bachor Fixes Chicago Potholes With Ice Cream Mosaics

Devouring a melty, delicious Good Humor bar on a stoop on a steamy July afternoon – does anything say “summer in the city” more perfectly?

With the hottest months fast approaching, mosaic artist Jim Bachor is bringing those frosty memories to streets in Chicago and Jyväskylä, Finland. In a series called “Treats in the Streets,” Bachor fills in potholes in city avenues not just with cement, but with bold, colorful mosaics of ice cream treats.

See more of his sweet treat artwork here.


The Department of Phenomenal Pencil Art has found its spiritual headquarters in Pencil Vania, a three-story, 980-square-foot stairwell inside Jaina A. Davis’ house in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. Every surface of this stairwell is covered in pencils of all sorts, creating a marvelous mosaic that smells like the first day of school. It’s the work of mosaic artist Jason Mecier (previously featured here) who spent five years (1997 to 2002) on the project using a grand total of 185, 252 pencils.

The fabulous portrait in pencils in the top photo is “Granny”, a futuristic portrait of Jaina Davis herself at the age of 88. Click here to learn more about Pencil Vania.

Then click here to view many more photos of this amazing pencil mosaic, all taken by Emily Duffy. She also photographed Davis’ incredible bathroom which is decorated in an entirely different, but equally dazzling tile undersea-themed mosaic.

[via Neatorama]


Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain

Park Güell is a playground for the mind: combining living art, beautiful gardens, wonderful views and unique architecture. Designed by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi, it’s a strange, enchanting place where his passion for natural forms really took flight – to the point where the artificial almost seems more natural than the natural.

The park is located at the height of Barcelona, just north of Gràcia and about 4km from Plaça de Catalunya. The endless winding paths and visual treats will give you an insight to Gaudí’s landscape gardening creations. There are endless winding paths venture through and stunning views overlooking the city of Barcelona to the horizon of the sea. This place is a definite must see!