happy anniversary, shinee!!! ♥

you guys have come so far. from your guys’s debut stage to your recent comeback, you guys have put so much sweat and tears into being the best you guys can be and keeping your fans happy. you guys have helped me through rough times, and without you guys, i wouldn’t be here right now, and i thank you guys for that. you’re all inspirations to me and many others. take care of yourselves and once again

thank you.



A continuation of yesterday’s wonderland!mormor, requested by pocket-companion and some other bloggers in the tags–how could I refuse?

As if their height difference wasn’t already great enough, Seb of course finishes half of the “eat me” cake before realizing its effects…

E quei baci bugiardi, sembravano veri.
E quei ti amo falsi, sembravano veri.
E quegli abbracci calorosi, mi illudevano che tu fossi mio.
E in momenti del genere, mi farei bastare anche i tuoi baci bugiardi, i tuoi ti amo falsi, e i tuoi abbracci
—  Occhichefannorumore

one time an old friend of mine was like “let’s go out tonight and lure in some hotties to lose our virginities to~” and there was literally nothing that sounded more unappealing to me and i was super disappointed because we had just baked these snickerdoodles and those are always best when they’re still warm and gooey and microwaving them just isn’t the same and basically what i’m getting at is i think this is how i eventually realized i was either gray-ace or unhealthily addicted to cookies