Okay I saw a post earlier which grouped Hydra Steve Rogers with Zack Snyder’s Clark Kent and honestly I’m disgusted.

You’ve made it very clear you hate Man of Steel, you hate Batman vs. Superman, you hate the DCEU … we get it. As much as I disagree with you, if that’s your opinion then I have no right to tell you you’re wrong.

But to say that placing Superman in a grittier, harsher world and showing his struggle and pain to gain acceptance is the same as a symbol of Jewish hope being turned into a Nazi, I literally have no time for you.

How can anyone say there isn’t an anti-DC agenda when someone uses such a disrespectful and horrible comic book ‘plot twist’ to once again channel their hatred for the cinematic depiction of Superman?

Despite the darker tone of the DC movies, Clark Kent’s hope and determination IS STILL A PART OF HIS CHARACTER. The essence of Superman has not been compromised in this adaptation and Henry Cavill embodies those characteristics when he plays the character. The essence of Captain America HAS been compromised in making him Hydra; this situation is beyond different.

So once again, how dare you tell people that these two things are similar? How dare you use the butchering of Steve Rogers’ character to talk about something else? Let alone something completely unrelated? You’re just as bad.  

okay I’m like 8 away from 900 followers, so I’m making a little ‘about me thing’

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naiinis ako alam ko namang busy ka sa pagaaral mo at nakakainis lang kasi naiinis ako kasi hindi ka nagtetext kahit alam kong nagaaral ka naman talaga huhu nakakaparanoid na ba ako na lang pala ang may gustong ipagpatuloy ‘to diba nakakatakot lang na baka sa isang araw mawala ka na lang bigla at ayoko na ulit maranasan yun. alam mo naman diba, na ayoko ng ganito hay kahit bigyan mo lang ako ng assurance na babalik ka, okay na sakin 'yon.