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Two Germans, a Stabsarzt or Sanitatsofficer (Medical Doctor/Officer- Battalion MO) and another medic assisting American Medical staff at an Hospice/Aid Station in Sainte-Mère-Église, Lower Normandy. 8th June 1944.

American and German medical personnel cared for casualties of both nations in the Hospice (505th Regimental Aid Station #2) situated in the center of Ste-Mère-Église.

On the night of 5 – 6 June 1944, 8 jumpers from the 307th Airborne Medical Company parachuted into France with Division Headquarters.
At 1855 hrs, the evening of 6 June, gliders towed by C-47s took off for Normandy carrying medical personnel pertaining to the 307th A/B Med Co under command of Major W. H. Houston. A total of 19 British Horsa and 1 American Waco CG4A gliders took off from England (part of Force “B”), flying over the Channel, and encountering only moderate enemy flak over the Cotentin peninsula. The main body of the Company landed together in swampy, half-flooded fields crisscrossed by small canals and ditches. The majority of the unit assembled at about 2400 hours, north of Blosville. By midnight a small Clearing Station was set up and casualties started coming in.
The next day, the Company began to treat casualties from the glider crashes as well as other airborne stragglers. There were isolated pockets of troops scattered over the area, all with wounded, and every effort was being made to consolidate these groups and collect the wounded. In the early phases of the operation, medical personnel set up and collected their patients on site treating them on the spot and although they suffered from the limited amount of supplies they could carry (recovery of bundles was rather low in proportion to the number dropped) and the lack of transportation means, they still did an astounding amount of work and undoubtedly saved many lives. On D + 1, it became possible to start evacuating casualties to the Clearing Station. The final glider lift arrived in the afternoon and inevitably many more injuries occurred which further affected operations of the medical unit.

(Source - US Signal Corp)

(Colourised by Richard James Molloy from the UK)

“I’ll start evacuating the floors above” he said into the walkie before clicking it off. “Alright kid you got this” he said to himself he lifted his head and yelled aloud.

“We need to get out! Calmy find exits and get somewhere safe! This is not a drill I repeat not a drill!" 

(This is an open starter, kid can be on any floor right now for this, in the first panel he is repling to Nellie over walkie :0)

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Just wondering, but you've said you're planning to make monster office etc into an art book in the future and the like, you mean exclusively the world building and such you've put in/are creating right? We won't find our own monsters/content in that book just because they're taking part in the project right?

Yes. I figure I should have that discussion.

All your content, all your characters, side characters, stories are not to be used in my book nor will it ever be used for merchandising and sale. That is strictly your property and I wont be including any of it in the art book or anything I may make for the purpose of selling or advertising. 

The world building, stories, and characters I’ve provided, such as the dreamons, the mimics, the world (REM and Kallaidope City), and the lore are things I have created and thus my property.

Hence I may have to tell you No sometimes. Not because I hate fun or dont like you but because of possible future legality reasons. For example I get a lot of asks of people wanting to make their own mimics and mimic characters and sadly I gotta say no to that. Again not to spoil the fun. Im glad you all love the mimics (It made me smile how everyone is trying to them in this event). However I really dont need to run into an issue in the future where I try to like print and sell and someone comes up all ‘well I designed this refrigerator mimic specifically so thats mine” 

Its also why I dont have anyone make dreamons, they are a closed race which I have full intent to use for future products with the potential for selling.

So to be clear, the concept of Monster Office belongs to me. Specifically the idea that a race called Dreamons comes from another dimension (REM) and starts a company(also called REM) to further their own goals in this plane of reality(Currently only known as Kalleidope) and have a bunch of monsters working for them. NOT the general concept of monsters working in an office setting (I cant copyright that its too generic haha)

The backgrounds, the dep’arm’tments, the characters, belong to me. 

Also to be a lil more specific about Mimics I know they are a generic fantasy race and I havent come up with a proper name for them. The dream mimics who are the result of REM’s magic affecting inanimate objects in reality and turning them into sub-dreamons belong to me.

You participate with full understanding that you are NOT to use my content/work for your own projects, sales, advertisement, without explicit permission. 

If you have any questions please ask me first and I’ll be happy to answer or see what can be done.

Bro before hoes. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your hoe rips out your heart for no good reason. And you are nothing but great to your hoe, and you told her that she was the only hoe for you, and that she was better than all the other hoes in the world. And then… Then suddenly she’s not your hoe no mo’!
—  Michael Scott, the Office

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I found a therapist (Laura Kern, LPC from MO), I emailed the office and they said she's their gender specialist and their website says she has experience with gender identity. I'm just scared, what if she tries to "fix" me or doesn't believe me?

Hey! If they have experience with gender identity then I’m sure that they will be able to help you and not “fix” you. Maybe if you call up and ask more specific questions about what the process is and such. I’m sure it’ll be okay! Try not to stress too much 


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Hey Fairy! I was wondering how you'd explain/summarize the relations between offices (MO & Nightmare Inc) as well as the outside businesses of the same world & their relations vice versa, to people that were new to the concept and were interested in joining? Specifically, in a way that would help gain perspective to what role in society their monster(s) would best be suited in playing. Whether that would be working as an employee or outside in the vicinity. I hope that makes sense!

I think I got this so I’ll try to answer and if I miss anything feel free to send a supplemental question. This will be long.

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Bros before hos. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you are nothing but great to your ho, and you told her that she was the only ho for you, and that she was better than all the other hos in the world. And then… Then suddenly she’s not your ho no mo

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1.  Kung wala kang ka-Valentine ngayong Valentines Day, isipin mo na lang, “ Wala naman akong AIDS pero nalungkot ba ko nung World Aids Day?”

2. Hindi ka kabilang sa mga bumili ng mga pinitas na bulaklak na nagsisilbing pagkain ng mga nagugutom na bubuyog para lang ibigay sa mga jowa nilang iiwan din naman sila. Therefore, mas concern ka sa lahat ng uri ng hayuuuupppp at binibigyan mo ng ganap na importansya ang food chain kesa magpaalipin sa tanikala ng pag-ibig. #CertifiedNatureLover

3. Solo mo yung office dahil lahat sila nasa kani-kanilang date. Mas tahimik. Mas payapa. Walang chismosa. Walang plastik. Walang epal. Walang sipsip. And many more.

4.  Habang padami ng padami yung tartar nila sa pagkain ng tsokolate, ikaw ay nananatiling maganda at reserve.  Dahil wala man lang nakaalalang magbigay sayo ng chocolates at sweets.

5. Habang busy sila sa pagpaparamdam ng pagmamahal sa kanilang mga iniibig, busy ka naman sa pagbbrainstorming kung paano magiging isang mabuting mamayang Pilipino.

6.  Wala kang kaagaw sa 18 inch pizza, balat ng crispy fried chicken, at french fries. Wala kang kahati. Wala kang ka-share. Hindi tulad nung mga panahong akala mo sa’yo lang siya pero tinitikman na pala ng ibang patay-gutom.

7. Solo mo yung malawak mong Queen-Size Bed. Pwede kang dumapa, mag-stretching, gumulong-gulong, mag-golf, magbunjee-jumping at magsoul-searching… habang nag-eemote.

8.  Insta-diet ka at the moment. Dahil sa tuwing maiisip mong wala kang ka-date ngayong Valentines, mawawalan ka ng ganang kumain at mabuhay.

9. Makakatulog ka ng mahimbing sa gabi dahil alam mong hinding-hindi ka niya lolokohin at ipagpapalit sa iba. Kasi nga, wala ka namang ngang jowa di ba?

10. Nakatipid ka sa oras. Isipin mo yun, wala kang girlfriend na hihintayin ng ilang oras dahil sa kung anumang ritwal ang pinaggagagawa niya sa loob ng CR. 

11. Kung malungkot ka dahil mag-isa ka ngayong Valentines, isipin mo na lang, wala din namang nagmamahal sa’yo kahit nung mga nakaraang buwan. 

12. Valentines Day is the Ultimate Landi Day. Ito yung best itinerary para lumandi with or without dignity. Dahil habang busy ang iba sa mga ka-date nila. Mas visible sa paligid mo kung sino din yung mga single na gaya mo.


Pero ganito lang naman yan eh. Kung hindi mo kayang maging masaya dahil ‘single’ ka, siguradong hindi din ikaw yung tipo ng taong kayang maging masaya kapag ‘in-a-relationship’ ka na. Marahil magiging masaya ka at the moment pero at the corner of it, yung kakulangan pa rin ng isang bagay ang palagi mong makikita. Kaya habang single ka, samantalahin mo yung pagkakataon para i-appreciate ang kung anong meron ka. Para kapag dumating na yung tamang tao para sa’yo, wala kang ibang makikita kundi yung mas intense na anyo ng pag-ibig.

The Joy of Redemption

You’re going to want this meta about The Final Problem first.

So let’s talk a little more about what exactly happens in the trial run of “the joy of redemption” because the version with John is going to parallel it pretty closely.

Everything seems like it starts off well:

Sherlock doesn’t even realize that he’s in way deeper than he thought until it’s too late.

MYCROFT: You’ve been stumbling round the fringes of this one for ages – or were you too bored to notice the pattern?

We know that Sherlock uses “bored” to stand in for whatever emotion he doesn’t want to admit to having:

Mycroft thinks Sherlock’s been compromised by sentiment for Irene - which we know isn’t true. But it’s not perhaps as far off the mark as Sherlock would like: he has been a bit distracted as he thinks about sentiment and thinks about John. Mycroft is right; Sherlock has missed some clues:

LITTLE GIRL: They wouldn’t let us see Granddad when he was dead.

ASH GUY: She’s not my real aunt. I know human ash.

MYCROFT: We ran a similar project with the Germans a while back, though I believe one of our passengers didn’t make the flight.

Sherlock missed a case partly because of sentiment (or at least that how he’d see it), and he really doesn’t like it. In ASiB, Sherlock is still pretending like the Work is all that matters, and he just screwed up the Work because he was distracted by sentiment.

Mycroft is furious with Sherlock and Sherlock is humiliated:

MYCROFT (loudly, furiously): I’m not talking about the MOD man, Sherlock; I’m talking about you.

We’ve got two things going here:

1) Sherlock’s been trying to be clever enough for Mycroft to like him since they were kids. And now Mycroft thinks Sherlock has fallen victim to something that Mycroft says is an unpardonable weakness: sentiment. Sherlock’s not good enough for Mycroft again. And Mycroft really rubs it in:

MYCROFT: Absurd? How quickly did you decipher that email for her? Was it the full minute, or were you really eager to impress?

Well, Sherlock was really eager to impress, wasn’t he?

SHERLOCK: Please don’t feel obliged to tell me that was remarkable or amazing. John’s expressed the same thought in every possible variant available to the English language.

Aren’t you going to tell me I’m brilliant, John? Aren’t you?

Except that I don’t think Sherlock really even knew he was showing off for John to get John’s praise because of sentiment for John - so now, when Mycroft says this, he’s confused:

He’s reevaluating, but he’s not getting anywhere.

2) Mycroft is the “logic” or “head” part of Sherlock (as apposed to John’s “heart” part of Sherlock). ASiB is obviously before Sherlock says “not you” to Mycroft/logic and “you” to John/sentiment, so in a very real way, when Mycroft is yelling at/disappointed in Sherlock in this scene in ASiB, Sherlock yelling at/disappointed in himself.

Then Irene goes on to humiliate him, too, in front of Mycroft:

IRENE: Mr Holmes, I think we need to talk.
SHERLOCK: So do I. There are a number of aspects I’m still not quite clear on.
IRENE (walking past him): Not you, Junior. You’re done now.

Sherlock starts off by looking like he wants to cry:

He’s humiliated and he’s angry: he helped Irene and asked for nothing from her, and she totally just stabbed him in the back. Remember: Sherlock trusts Mycroft’s judgement more than his own. Mycroft thinks Sherlock’s been compromised by sentiment, and the evidence is suggesting that that’s true. Sherlock’s got to be wondering “What if it really is true? It can’t be true; I don’t care about Irene. I can’t have been this stupid, right, to let sentiment cloud my judgement? Right? But I didn’t see the full picture; she played me… Am I really this pathetic? Mycroft thinks I’m this pathetic. But I can’t be. Right?”

And then the three of them go on to have a conversation about burning Sherlock’s heart out in the preview of the scene where Jim will try to burn Sherlock’s heart out:

Sherlock lashes out at Irene because he’s scared and humiliated, all the more so because the reasons for his fear are based in truth. His reaction has much more to do with himself than with Irene - we know this because even Mycroft looks confused/concerned by how cold Sherlock’s being:

This is precisely when Sherlock says “… but sentiment. Sentiment is a chemical defect…” And when he says “losing side,” he gives Irene a very tiny, very nasty little smile:

He’s so happy to be hurting her, to be reminding himself that he’s better than she is because he’s not weak. Which is exactly what Jim wants: for Sherlock to choose to burn his heart out. Sherlock has to sort of pump himself up to do it, but he does it:

SHERLOCK: This is your heart …and you should never let it rule your head.

There was actually a sort of double bluff in the joy of redemption with Irene:

1) She’s alive and she loves him (joy of redemption):

2) It was all a trick; she doesn’t love him (false joy of redemption):

3) Nope, she actually loves him (Sherlock rejects her and “burns his heart out”):

There were two separate important scenes from Jim’s POV: 1) in the plane when Sherlock found out he screwed up big time, and 2) in the office when Sherlock rejects sentiment. Both those scenes are going to be happening again: the parallel of the plane scene where Jim tells Sherlock just how bad he’s screwed up, and a parallel of the office scene where Sherlock either does or does not reject sentiment with John. (Hint: he doesn’t.)

Here’s the overview of the pivotal "burning Sherlock’s heart out" scene:

But let’s back up:

So the flight of the dead is the thing that brings everything to a breaking point in ASiB - namely: the code to get to it. And we already know that: IOUWhat happens with the flight of the dead is that Sherlock solves the code but misses the case (doesn’t realize it’s a terrorist plot), ostensibly because of sentiment. What he really should’ve done was to solve the code but not tell Irene - pretend he didn’t solve the code - but he didn’t because he was too busy showing off for John (sentiment).

So if we continue this parallel between the IOU code and the flight of the dead code, the issue won’t necessarily be that Sherlock can’t solve the code - IOU - it’s that he can’t solve the case (misses the significance). Jim wants Sherlock to solve the code so Sherlock will screw up the case. So Jim wants Sherlock to know the IOU code well in advance so Sherlock will think he’s being clever by realizing it’s new significance, and miss the fact that - like the flight of the dead code - solving it will be very dangerous.

We’ve already had a parallel of the plane/office scenes: TRF, in the scene I’ve always thought was the preview of The Johnlock Kiss: the “I know you for real / "A hundred percent?” scene.

These two scenes parallel each other:

And so do these two:

Basically, they share some major themes:

The plane scene in ASiB = NSY at Baker Street attempting to arrest Sherlock for the first time in TRF:

  • Sherlock is humilated about the Work
  • By someone in power who’s supposed to be on his side
  • Because they think he’s not clever enough

The office scene in ASiB = The “I know you for real” scene in TRF:

  • Sherlock preemptively rejecting sentiment
  • From people who love him
  • In a much colder way than THoB

As is Sherlock’s MO, in the office scene and the “I know you for real” scene, Sherlock tries to hurt other people before they can hurt him. In THoB, Sherlock was in tears and panicky, but in ASiB and TRF, he was cold and angry.

But let’s go a little more detailed:

ASiB#1 and TRF#1 both start out with something a bit unexpectedly creepy with creepy music:

And then Sherlock very conspicuously checks dead faces:

In ASiB#2 and TRF#2, Sherlock has a very similar expression:

He’s disappointed in himself for being so weak as to allow for any sentiment.

JOHN: You’d care if they thought you were stupid, or wrong.
SHERLOCK: No, that would just make them stupid or wrong.

Sherlock obviously does care whether some people think he’s stupid or wrong - John, Mycroft, possibly Greg - and in both scenes, he tries desperately to act like he doesn’t. In ASiB, he’s humiliated in front of Mycroft; in TRF, in front of John. These are the two people he cares about most.

In both ASiB#2 and TRF#2, Sherlock gets unexpectedly really angry:

SHERLOCK: This is your heart … and you should never let it rule your head.

SHERLOCK: Moriarty is playing with your mind too. (Furious, he slams his hand onto the table.) Can’t you see what’s going on?

Whatever level of connection Sherlock had to Irene, in ASiB#2, he rejects it completely and takes it down to level zero. He decreases the emotional level. In TRF#2, Sherlock and John remain at the same emotional level that they were prior to this conversation. They both come close to increasing the emotional level, but they both back away from it, and so at the end of the conversation, their relationship hasn’t really changed that much. Basically, all through TRF#2, Sherlock is thinking “I’ve always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage. Thank you for the final proof.” But, unlike Irene who was using him the whole time, John manages to convince Sherlock that he’s not actively trying to hurt him, so everything stays the same as it was: teeteringly balanced.

And then there’s the background and the lighting:

They’re very visually similar. Everything in both scenes is that sort of bronze color with occasional burgundy.

So we’ve had “the joy of redemption” scenes paralleled already in an episode where Jim was previewing The Fall. We’ll see them again in 5x3, when Jim tries to execute the last step of burning Sherlock’s heart out.

Irene is barely in the plane scene, so it’s entirely possible - even likely - that John won’t be in the parallel scene in 5x3. But there’s no way Jim’s going to miss an opportunity to gloat at Sherlock and tell him how stupid he is.

Jim was the Mycroft character in the plane scene - the one telling Sherlock he screwed up - but he can’t be the Mycroft character in the office scene for two reasons:

1) Mycroft is Sherlock’s “guardian figure” and by the season five finale - by the time Sherlock and John get together - Sherlock has to have internalized his own parent figure. There can’t be a Mycroft figure telling him “Oh, it’s okay to be in love.” Sherlock has to decide that for himself.

2) Jim just actually can’t be in this scene at all because it’s The Johnlock Kiss scene and Jim really can’t be there.

Given that Irene was Jim’s trial run of The Final Problem, it’s very likely that what happens in the real Final Problem will parallel what happened with Irene: Sherlock will have a case based on a code - the IOU code. Jim will confront and humiliate him, as per the plane scene. 

You’ve been stumbling round the fringes of this one for ages – or were you too bored to notice the pattern?

Sherlock will be pressured to reject sentiment for John, as he does for Irene in the office scene.

Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side … sorry about dinner.

But of course, he won’t: The Johnlock Kiss.