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Alice & Lucy > Modern AU

Lucy met Alice when she was young. She’d just recently got back from Narnia and the ache of returning was still fresh. She found herself wandering around a nearby park, her siblings sitting at one of the benches talking, when one day she stumbled on a girl with cuts and bruises all over her. At first Lucy thought something bad had happened to her and worry took over. She found herself rushing to the girl in an attempt to help. The girl, Alice she later learned, just laughed as if Lucy was the funniest thing she’d stumbled on that evening. “I’m okay,” Alice said after her laughter had subsided a little so she could talk. “I just fell down a rabbit hole.” 

his creation

nothing in His universe;
past, present, or future;
can compare to what
the two of us offer.

not a sunset
with brilliant colors;
soft glows of yellow,
and bright flares of orange.

not a night sky
with a stunning moon,
and enough tiny stars
to make you believe in infinity.

not a field of flowers,
with colors no artist can match,
small creatures no eye can see,
and a view one could die for.

not a blue sea,
with crystal water,
and white, foam waves
beating against the shore.

not a storm on the horizon,
with flashes of pure electric,
and purple skies
coming from heaven itself.

not a thick forest,
with vivid green leaves,
skeletal trees colored of earth,
and hints of sky through the canopy.

not an empty desert,
with hidden animals and dead trees,
and dunes tall enough
to nearly exceed even us.

not a shimmering lake,
looking as if made of diamonds,
surrounded by golden grass,
and creatures most can’t begin to understand.

oh brother,
nothing can beat
what our wings, our grace,
and our love bring to His creation.

supernatural hiatus creations | Week 3
↳ Prompt: Ships (Michifer)


Everything Narnia 5/?

Before Narnia | Young Lucy Pevensie

“and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” - roald dahl

(Everything One Piece)