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un giorno vi racconterò di quella volta che: 

io alla mia amica federica: - ma sì, è un sacco che non ci vediamo: organizziamo un pic nic per il venticinque? una cosa tranquilla, di quelle che ognuno porta qualcosa da mangiare. magari lo dico pure a monika, e stiamo tutto il tempo svaccate al sole a mangiare, eeh? è un invito aperto dai dai dai che ci divertiamo!!! io posso fare l’insalata di riso!

dovevamo essere tre. siamo diventati VENTIQUATTRO :))))))))))

No pueden venir a decir que este episodio fue forzado.

¿Escucharon las risas nerviosas? ¿Los chistes que contaron para no quedarse callados? ¿Cómo se decían las cosas? ¿Cómo Samuel no quería que Willy se divorciara cuando le dijo que podía hacerlo? ¿Cómo aceptó súper feliz la opción de tener un bebé? ¿Cómo jodian con eso? ¿Cómo Willy le dijo que “Le daba su corazón”? ¿La tensión que hubo en el momento que aceptaron casarse?
No me vengan con que todo esto fue forzado y culpa del fandom, porque ellos solos se delatan.


Of Dazai and the Old Boss – An Analysis Report

Wordcount: 1.374.

So ever since I started reading the manga, there was always one character I always wondered about; the Old Boss, or the boss that came before Mori. Sure he seemed like an unimportant side character in the way he’s presented, but I have reasons to believe he’s more than that.

First, let’s compile what we know about him.

1.     He was ruthless even when he’s not bedridden and paranoid, as was said by Kouyou whose lover was killed because she tried to escape the Mafia with him.

And again when Tanizaki tried to kill Mori but was stopped by Kouyou, saying that if Mori died, the Mafia would return to its ‘wretched ways’. We can say with complete confidence that Mori’s way is so much ‘kinder’ than the old boss.

2.       He was bedridden with illness that also made him paranoid of attacks. This is not the case before the illness strike because Hirotsu mentioned he become like that after the illness. If Mori hadn’t stopped him by slicing his throat, he would have burnt Yokohama down.

4.       Wait that’s it? Yep. All we knew about him was in that episode and that chapter. But what we know about him was profound.

First let’s look at this scene:

Notice how Hirotsu mentioned Dazai specifically? Here’s the original panel for that scene:

In this, we can confidently say that Hirotsu singled out Dazai about how was the one who should’ve been most not alright with the development. The words used for it ‘Dazai –kun mo rikai suru tokoro de attarou‘  implies this. It hints that Dazai should’ve been resentful to Mori because he killed the Old Boss. But against all odds, he understood why Mori did what he did.

Then there’s this scene.

It really bothered me and when I looked deeper this is what cemented my conclusion of Dazai and the Old Boss’ connection. So as we could see in this scene, Mori killed the Old Boss and had Dazai become the sole witness. Now this premise has many problems.

1. Other than Mori, who was a doctor so obviously he was to take care of the sick, notice that Dazai was the only one in the room. Now this is strange. He was the only one who was by the Old Boss’ side, all alone in the room with the vulnerable, sick man when there’s no doctor to hover on the bedside. This in and of itself is a proof of their bond. If they weren’t well-known to have it, then all the Mafia would be suspicious to the fact that he’s accompanying the boss when he’s the most vulnerable.

On top of that he was entrusted with the Boss’ security as he was in the room with Mori who might or might not harm him (spoiler, he harmed the boss.) so he was supposed to be the one to care the most about the Old Boss’ wellbeing.

2.       As we know from the light novel, Odasaku mentioned that Dazai was considered to become an Executive at 16. In this scene he was only 14 and at that point of time, he had enough sway in the Organization that he can be the sole witness to the boss’ will and everyone just—nods and go along with it, making Mori the new boss despite them should be having Five Executive that would have fought for the seat. Why?

3.       In this case, Dazai cannot be adopted and raised by Mori as the fandom believed. If he was Mori’s and he became the sole witness everyone would call bull on it because he’d be perceived as Mori’s accomplice in taking out the Old Boss. They’d be executed and one of the upper echelon would take the throne themselves.

This would only work if the Port Mafia to believe that he couldn’t harm the boss and wouldn’t let harm come to him.

But what about this picture, you ask? Well, Mori did have a connection with Dazai too seing how Dazai got the coat he wore from before he was 14 to 18 from him. That’s a good 4 years wearing the same thing. I think this was actually the same case with Chuuya not appearing in the Dark Era; the plot has yet to be told to the readers and kept secret.

And then there’s the possibility that they knew each other because of Dazai’s wounds. If the Old Boss is as ruthless as Kouyou made him out to be, it won’t be far-fetched to say he’s the one resposible for Dazai’s numerous injuries and was frequently sent to Mori, the doctor, to get treatment.

Summary:  the Organization needs to know Dazai well and for some reason connect him with not only being close enough to the Old Boss for it not be strange for him to be all alone in the room with him and having enough credibility that he can’t possibly lie about the Old Boss’ last will. On top of that, he needs some reason to be the one ‘most not alright with it’ in a personal sense.

So what would make this credible? What could make this work? It would be if by doing so he was giving up his rights to the throne.

Here cometh my conclusion: Dazai was the Old Boss’ son and the rightful heir to the Port Mafia. If he was one, it won’t be strange for him to have credibility as 14-year old kid claiming to be the sole witness to a boss of The Mafia’s biggest bad that made a city doctor its next Boss.  More than that, it would be natural for him to spend time alone in the Boss’ bedside when he was sick and vulnerable.

No, I won’t be dropping Darth Vader’s ‘I am your father’ bomb here, despite it being extremely tempting. How many father and child bound by blood have you seen in BSD? That’s right, none. No reason to break the pattern now.

But what is prevalent? Adopting orphans. Hell, it was dropped by Odasaku in his last moment as one of Dazai’s driving force. In fact, most of the main cast are either adopted orphans or have adopted an orphan. (Fukuzawa & Ranpo, Kunikida & Rokuzo, Akutagawa/Atsushi and Dazai, need I go on?)

Here’s my verdict: Dazai was the heir to the Port Mafia because he was the Old Boss’ adopted. When the Old Boss died, everyone in the Mafia who knew about it, thought that he couldn’t possibly lie because by doing so he’d be defacing the Old Boss and giving away his rights to the throne. This gave him the ultimate credibility and thus allowing Mori to become the next King.

Most of all, this also solve the mystery of Mori’s behavior. Why drive Dazai away when he’s 18, when Mori could’ve killed him or make him go away before? He made the preparation to drive Dazai away two years beforehand when Dazai was 16, a good two years after becoming boss. The answer was because this will reveal his play to his subordinate. In the light novel Odasaku mentioned about Mori’s fearsome reputation for being ruthless and clever as hell. And this is the key; reputation.

If Mori killed Dazai before he got a secure standing in the Mafia, he would be accused to be killing the Old Boss and taking down his heir. Everyone would be on the scent of blood like sharks, especially in a place as cruel as the Mafia. So he got himself a reputation, backed by people loyal to him (Chuuya, Kouyou and, in an extent, Ace who was loyal only to money) and when he was sure that he has shown what he could and would do to the whole Mafia and the world, he cut off Dazai because he was no longer needed and now poses only threat.

By exiling the Prince, he would be able to hog the throne for himself since the older members would not be rallying behind Dazai to retake his rights. Truly a long-running plan befitting of him.

But hey, that’s just a theory. A BSD theory. Aaaand cut.

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¿Recuerdas cuando nos veíamos a escondidas?, ¿La adrenalina que corría por nuestras venas mientras nos dábamos esos besos apasionados?

anonymous asked:

can u recommend me mangas where theres romance between the heroine and her (step) brothers !!! Or guys she lives with !!

So I thought I had already answered this on my blog, but apparently not LOL. Or maybe I’m just confused with where to navigate on my blog because I haven’t been active in ages. :’)

Here are some recommendations I can provide:

Romance between Heroine & (step) brothers:

Heroine & male lead living together:

Kanji: 年

Meaning: year

Reading: とし、ネン (toshi, nen)

Will rendaku apply sometimes? No, the readings stay the same

About the kanji: One way to remember this kanji is seeing as a graph of what the meaning of year is: the revolution of a planet around a star. The orange stroke ノ is just the the relation between the planet and the star. The second part in red 丁 could be seen as the axis/position of the sun. Lastly, the white lines and the mirroed version of “ユ” is the actual orbit of the planet. Next time you do this kanji, just remember each piece and try imagining you’re describing the actual meaning of the character!

Words using this kanji:

年代 (ねんだい): era

年月 ( としつき):   months and years

年鑑 ( ねんれい ): yearbook

年中 ( ねんじゅう ): throughout the year

Example sentence:


shinnen mo yoi toshi de arimasu you ni

May the new year bring you happiness!

Ik hoop dat je wakker wordt met nieuwe moed om de dag te trotseren. Ik hoop dat je een sprankeltje licht vindt in de ochtend. Dat je wakker wordt, de gordijnen opendoet en je de zon voelt schijnen tot in het binnenste van je hart. Ik hoop dat je een fijne dag hebt. Daar is het ondertussen wel tijd voor.


So Tenka celebrates its second anniversary this week, and there has been a bonus mini story at the start of the app these past few days involving Keiji doing a survey of sorts. Today, he asks the 12 Lords for their Anniversary messages/ wishes and they are so sweet. 

Translation below: (you’d forgive me if I start with my biases, will you? hahahahahah)

Disclaimer: while I tried to translate it so the meaning comes across. They are by no means accurate. 


Omae ni wa kizuka sareru koto bakarida. Hontōni sukuwareteru to omouyo. Korekara saki mo, ore no tonari ni ite kure.

All it takes is for you to notice. I think I’m really saved. From now on, please stay by my side. 

basically this old man needs her to notice stuff and take care of him. 


Zenbu omae no seidakara. Dakara, omae no sei yokeina kanjō made shiru hame ni natta. Damatte soba ni  iro yo.  

It’s all because of you. It’s your fault that I got all these feelings. So just be quiet and stay by my side.


Nani ga atte mo, omae no koto wa ore ga mamoru. Dare ni mo tedashi wa sa sen.  Dakara, anshin shite ore ni tsuite kite kure.

Whatever happens, I will protect (everything about) you. Don’t go to anyone else. So follow me with confidence / peace of mind. 

Basically, he will protect her everything (absolutely), so don’t rely on anyone else, she should just leave it to him, like : he got it!


Kimi to deaete, watashi wa hontōni shiawase mono da. Sono airashī hitomi ni zutto watashi o utsushite ite okure

Meeting you has made me happy. Let me be the one reflected in those beautiful eyes, always.


Omae-san mo akinai ne. Mā, koko made kitara nochi nan-nen tatte mo onajidesho. Soba ni i na yo.

You’re not giving up, are you, little lady? It’s still the same after years. Still by my side.

(He calls her omae-san, in Japanese, which is a slightly polite/sarcastic ‘you’, which tenka has translated to ‘little lady’. yep, he is admiring her patience to still be with him, everything else is implied in his eyes, I guess…)


Ore ga aisuru no wa, ato ni mo, saki ni mo, omae dakeda itsumo arigatou.

I love you. Always have been, Always will. I’m always grateful for you.

ato ni mo, saki ni mo literally means my past, my future - so sweet right?


Ore ga omae ni iitē koto wa hitotsu dakeda. Korekara mo, ore no sobani iro.

I’ve got only one thing to say to you. From now on, stay by my side. 


Fun, kisama wa tada ore o shinjite tsuite kureba yoi. Kisama o shiawase ni dekiru otoko nado, ore igai ni iru wake nakarou. Hanareru koto wa yurusanu, wakatta na. 

Heh, you just have to believe in me and follow me. No man can make you happy like I do. I will never allow you to leave, understand.


Omae no koto wa ore ga mamotte yaru. Sono omoi wa, omae ga chīsai toki kara nanihitotsu kawattenē yo.

I will protect (everything about) you. This feeling has not changed since you were little. 

*gosh, I cannot do justice to what he is saying, basically he said it like this has always been the truth for him, that he will protect her, like always, since she was little. 


Anata no egao o miru koto ga, watashi no shiawasedesu.  Korekara saki mo zutto, tonari de waratte ite kuremasu ka?

Seeing your smiling face is my happiness. From now on, will you always smile by my side? 


Anta ga hata ni iru no wa… … Warukunai koto mo nai

You being here… I guess that’s not a bad thing…


Kimi no okage de hontōni, mainichi ga tanoshī to omoerunda. Dakara, korekara mo soba ni ite kureru? Sōshitara, ore ga tanoshī to omotte iru ijō ni, kimi o egao ni surukara.

Thanks to you, I’ve been having fun everyday. That’s why, will you stay by my side from now on? I will make you smile more (than for my own amusement)

gosh, this is hard to translate, basically he thanks her for making his days fun, so will she stay by his side so he can make her happy (in return, beyond his own gain).