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hello babydolls~ okay, so i’ve been on tumblr for about 4 years now and i don’t really talk to a lot of people and have no friends on here or anything OTL but i appreciate all of my followers and the people who i follow as well so here’s a crappy follow forever list and i’m so sorry if i leave some people out, but just know that I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS ♡ ;w; so bolded are people I have spoken to before and absolutely adore them and their blog ;u;

#A-F: accio-jaejoong acciomyungsoo aegyu aigyu ajhvun bangtan-juseyo btseok buttwoo bwiyomi café-latte chandoo daemyung ddongwow dongyas egu-mo-ni-na elena-chan eteru

#G-L: gyusama gyutea gyuzizis hersheyjerzey himegyu hoaegi hoyaegi httpsuga hyunseungsman infinitblaq inpinitaize jpony jung-koook jungkookaholic jungkooks kaiwaiian koreandick lulubyte

#M-R: myungbby myungstare namnambunny nawonn ohmyhogod peasehunts pinkgyu pitdae

#S-Z: seizure seokshine seoula seouldreams sexoyeol sngyeol sooyeol southkoreans sugatv supersnazzy tablowme taenggyu taesthetic thugjong tsunouji vhyung vubbletae yadoong yeahppuda yuu-n zasshu

i’m sorry if i missed anyone, but here’s the follow forever!! i love you all and appreciate all my followers and the people i follow as well~