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For my precious doll @heythereitsmo, HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY, BABE!! I’m so glad we became friends, and Suffering with you is something I look forward to now, which says a lot about how much I love you ;~; I hope you have the best day and year ever!

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Mo paces up and down in her trailer, script clenched tightly in her hands. Her eyes have read the same three lines at least a hundred times, and now her vision is blurring.

“C’mon,” she mutters and runs a hand through her hair. “Get it together or get help. Don’t just hide out here like an idiot.” She glances helplessly around her trailer. It’s fairly large, which is unsurprising given that she’s the female lead of the film, and usually she keeps it scrupulously neat – but right now, it’s a mess. Character outfits are strewn across all available surfaces, an empty pizza box is sitting forgotten on the table – the result of her stress-eating, and her character notes are everywhere, as if a piñata full of sticky notes had exploded here.

It can’t hurt to ask him, she tries to convince herself weakly. What’s the worst that could happen? Immediately, a dozen possible scenarios play out in her mind, all horrifically cringe-worthy, and Mo groans.

“Fuck it,” she says abruptly, tired of going around in circles, and she strides out of her trailer.

Mark’s trailer is only a few meters away but by the time she gets to his door, all her bravado is gone and her stomach is in knots.

It’s just Mark. C’mon, Mo, he’s your best friend.

Before she can chicken out, Mo raps on the door and then resists the urge to hide behind her script.  

“Come in,” a voice calls, and exhaling slowly, she enters.

Mark’s trailer isn’t messy so much as it is lived-in. Everything is in its place but without order. His shoes clutter around the entrance, stacks of books and manga occupy random corners and chairs, his laptop is open on his desk with some game paused on the screen, and he stands in the middle of it all with a couple of darts in his hand, half-poised to throw one at the board stuck on the wall.

“Hey,” he smiles when she closes the door behind her. “What’s up, Mo?”

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