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bobaga said: Okay so I’ve been lurking on your blog since forever and lately your deluge of thoughtfully written and downright fascinating essays and ask replies have been making my days, it’s so fun to read and I love how K-fans view Jimin (pretty fairy!!) and how you’ve described their Kook/min fics. And also how you describe their dynamics, really it’s opened my eyes a lot ♡_♡! I love you! Just wanted to share that when you described Jimin as “shockingly savage sometimes” it reminded me of 4:22 in this YouTube clip of an ASC behind-the-scenes special (watch?v=FnlehceM_Mo). Always exposing his members 😂 How can a mochi be so savage

Thank you ♡ That video may me realize(?) something. The way Jimin talks and acts (and even the way he sounds) has changed significantly since their early years. Back then, he was so much more temperamental like a teenage brother. Now he’s legit scary like a middle age Korean mother who’s had enough of your shit.  

Seriously, Jimin may be a manggaetteok but mess with him and he’ll become a super spicy tteokbokki that will leave you breathless, crying, and feeling like somebody slapped you right in the face.

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Sort of like that ^


Slo-mo behind the scenes action from yesterday’s Photoshoot with @cammackie_
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