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I BOUGHT FANCY WATERCOLORS ⎝(‘◁’)⎠ Do I know how to paint? Not a fucking chance. But now that I’m learning, I can do it with fancy paints. 

This brand is normally super expensive–well, at least “meant for someone who knows what they’re doing” expensive–but I found out they’re made with HONEY?? It’s there as a preservative and it also helps the paint absorb water. Old-school. 

Anyway, they make a starter kit with some primaries, an orange-brown, and a grey, and it’s a freakishly good deal compared to buying all those colors on their own. I’m pretty sure they’re selling those test packs on the “first hit’s free” business model. DOESN’T MATTER; GOT PAINT

What’s all that gibberish at the bottom of my sketchbook page? Well, as soon as I found out there’s universal pigment codes for finding out exactly what makes your paint so colorful (and occasionally toxic), I sort of geeked out.

Mostly for the yellow. Fuck inorganic chemistry.

20/10s ARE MAGIC

I’ve only been cleaning my kitchen for, like, 45 min all put together? (Been kind of lazy about the timer.) But I’ve already gotten a bunch of dishes clean, nearly cleaned off the counter where my Kitchenaid is going to go, stuffed the rice cooker and a coffeemaker I don’t use anymore in a cabinet which HEY, I totally just cleared out…


irrational hatred of cleaning lied to me, bro