Sitting in the hot sun, people watching.

Accidentally wearing matching outfits. 

Playing scrabble and eating KFC.

Listening to the symphony play.

Patriotic music and fireworks.

Raffle prizes and watching the happy mom win.

Showing up to a party hella late.

Getting in the pool and watching drunk people do keg stands.

Making scrambled eggs and eating triscuits.

Watching someone dance with a broom to country poolside.

Watching another person make a foam santa beard in the hot tub.

Leaving the party when someone breaks someone elses iPad. 

Having the perfect 4th of July. 

Summer is fantastic!

2014 in Vague details.

Naps. Dresses. Tequila. Ew, no get away. Dancing. But really though can you not. Laughing hysterically. Sunday morning. Wine. No. Too turnt. Pictures. Audience. Dying. Girl Code. Dead.

Somehow this New Years beat last New Years, amidst all the weirdness and the tequila choices, came a great beginning to what should be a great year.