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Rick and Morty Theories Master List


~~~~~~ ALL ABOUT RICK (C-137)~~~~~~

Rick character study - Observations

  1. How is Rick so spry for 60 years old?
  2. If Rick was gone so long finding the cure for Mory’s broken legs, that his portal gun lost charge, why did he seem to only be gone a few minutes?
  3. That dimension with the cure for broken legs also cured aging, did Rick take any anti aging meds?

Rick knows he’s a cartoon character in our universe - theory

What happened to Beth’s mom? - Theories

When Unity met Rick - Theories

How much does Rick C-137 love his family?- Theories

How many times has Rick jumped realities and how many Mortys has he had? - Theories

Is there some truth in the fabricated memory? - Theories

How deep does self hatred go among the majority of Ricks? - Theories

What if Rick’s family are not actually related to him - Theory

Is Rick an Artificial Intelligence program? - Theory

Is Rick a genetically created being, designed by eyepatch Morty - Theory

Is Rick still inside a simulation? - Theory

Rick’s old band - Theories

Introspection is Rick’s Weakness, which leads him to self sacrifice - Theories

~~~~~~ ALL ABOUT MORTY (C-137?)~~~~~~ 

Morty character study - Observations

Is Morty a genetic experiment by Rick to create brain camo? - Theory

Rick C-137′s current Morty will be the one to take him down - Theory

~~~~~~ ALL ABOUT (C-137′s Current) SUMMER ~~~~~~

Summer character study - Observations

Summer will follow in her grandpa’s footsteps - theory

~~~~~~ ALL ABOUT (C-137′s Current) BETH ~~~~~~

Beth character study - Observations

~~~~~~ ALL ABOUT (C-137′s Current) JERRY ~~~~~~

Jerry character study - Observations

Jerry is Bisexual -Theory

Divorced Jerry - Theories

Jerry is capable of more than we thing - Theories


Eyepatch/Evil Morty - Theories

Tammy - Theories

Galactic Federation - Theories

Citadel of Ricks - Theories

Riq IV is Summer’s original MIA grandpa Rick - Theory


Questionable science? - Nitpicks

There are multiple timelines within each dimension - Theory

Crossovers! Other franchises Rick has crossed paths with - Observations

Are Rick and Morty the same person? - Theories

Bait and Switch! Which Rick and Morty are we watching? - Theories

Rickest Rick, Mortiest Morty - Theories

~~~~~~ ALL ABOUT THE REST OF IT ~~~~~~

Where’s Squanchy? -Theories

Where did the Meeseeks Box come from? - Theories

Will Morty Jr Return? -Theories

What do the council of Morty’s do? - Theories

Pocket Mortys - Theories



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Beth: If you don’t want the baby just take it down to the fire station.

Morty: I’m not going to give Morty Jr away, mom!

Beth: Who said anything about giving him away, just use them as a babysitter. You get six hours to change your mind.

Morty: Who the hell would even do that?

Beth: When I was five, I called my dad the c word, and he left me at the fire station. Five and a half hour later, he came back, and here we are now.

Morty: Mom, you have extreme abandonment issues now.

Beth: *drinks more wine*


Here is all my pulls from the Funko Mystery Minis Rick & Morty Hot Topic case. Luckily I pulled all 3 of the Hot Topic Exclusives; Rick with Meeseeks box 1/12, Screaming Morty 1/12 & Mr. Meesseeks with golf club 1/24. Also Unity 1/36 & Morty JR. 1/24. Only doubles I pulled were two Mr. Poopy Buttholes 1/6. The rest were 1/12 which were Summer Smith, Jerry Smith, Beth Smith, Arthricia & Bird Person.

I really like the sculpts especially the squiggly eyes. They look like the characters and still fit the mystery minis style. My only complaint is return of the dreaded 1/6 ratio, which means people will get a shit load of Mr. Poopy Buttholes. Makes sense since the smaller figure probably means it’s cheaper to produce.