Day 27: Another Cartoon Show

“Hello there, you’re in Superjail. I’m The Warden and you’re a criminal!”

“Run Morty! You have no idea what jail is like here!”

My ultimate crossover piece, Superjail/Rick and Morty! This is definitely the most complex and detailed work I’ve ever done as a hobby artist. I included two versions, one with the traditional color scheme and one with the color adjustments I enjoyed. I was able to apply all the skills that I’ve picked up and learned by doing this challenge to this painting.

I’m posting this early but at this point I’ve missed enough days of the challenge that it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done after this one. Time to move on to other projects! 

Fandom Cinnamon Rolls
  • Steven Universe:PROTECT STEVEN
  • Gravity Falls:PROTECT DIPPER
  • Over the Garden Wall:PROTECT GREG
  • Adventure Time:PROTECT MARCELINE
  • Rick and Morty:PROTECT MORTY
  • Assassination Classroom:PROTECT NAGISA
  • My Hero Academia:PROTECT MIDORIYA
  • Kekkai Sensen:PROTECT MARY
  • One Punch Man:PROTECT GENOS
  • Ouran High School Host Club:PROTECT HARUHI
  • Bungou Stray Dogs:PROTECT ATSUSHI