morton memo

NIYA's "Internal Review" of Broward Transitional Center

This is what the “humane” immigration policy looks like. This is what the prioritization memos amount to. This is going on every day. It’s not just Broward- this is systemic. Undocumented youth are demanding accountability and the release of low-priority cases. From NIYA’s press release:

In order to challenge Immigration and Customs Enforcement and GEO Group, Inc. which owns the facility, we have placed multiple NIYA members inside Broward Transitional Center to find people who are eligible for deferred action, are low-priority cases. In this one facility alone, we have found over 100 cases of people who, according to the Obama policies of the past year, should be released back to their families.

According to the information given to us by the organizers inside, there are:

  • people inside Broward who have pending application for a U Visa;
  • More than a dozen DREAM Act eligible youth;
  • Over 60 individuals with no criminal record or prior deportations, - - some detained as passengers in vehicles;
  • More than 3-dozen cases in which individuals are still eligible for discretion despite previous contacts with the system;
  • Several cases of immigrants in need of immediate medical care, including one individual with a blood clot in his leg and another with a bullet in the spine;