imagine first year party boy dave who is down to get down and third year karkat whos always been reserved about stuff but its his last year so what the hell right an dhe gets totally smashed and they end up macking hella throughout the party bc dave cant resist a tiny cutie like this (and damn the fact that hes older than dave makes it even better) but when dave spots him later and approaches him karkat ends up rlly flustered and dumb bc up to that point hed never even really kissed before so hes Super Mortified and a little upset and daves just like o man

Challenge (Part 3) END

Teen Wolf three shot - Reader x Brett Talbot

A/N: Part 1 here, Part 2 here. Okay this is the ending. Suck my kiss, Talbot. Also some cutie-patooties left me some nice asks. Thank you, loves. xoxo.

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“Of all the places you say to meet, Talbot, you choose the locker room.” You mutter to yourself as you approach the designated meeting place. You had been in there only once because of Scott and Stiles and you never wanted to be in there again. It was mortifying. It seemed pretty quiet though; more than likely everyone had changed and cleared out as soon as possible.

Before you could knock (just in case), Brett called out, “No one’s in here except for me.”

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random malec headcanons part ii: 

- alec has freckles all over his shoulders so whenever they’re cuddling and alec’s shirtless magnus’ fingers always trace over them gently 

- whenever magnus is excited lil blue sparks start to harmlessly jump around his hair (THIS IS MY BIGGEST HEADCANON FOR HIM YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND) so whenever they sleep together or just their kiss deepens magnus starts glowing blue 

- they have naked wednesdays and one time izzy walked in and was MORTIFIED and proceeded to tell everyone so that no one visits the boys without knocking and notifying their presence several times before going in 

- sometimes alec lets magnus do his makeup and then his hair glows blue alL DAY BECAUSE DAMN ALEC LOOKS HOT WITH EYELINER 

- alec gets jealous super easily (as WE ALL KNOW) so when they walk anywhere together he always holds magnus’ hand or put a hand around hi shoulders full on start making out with him if someone stares at magnus too long (and vice versa tbh) 

- the two of them are so done with homophobic people tbh like whenever someone looks at them funny you best believe they’ll drop everything and start making out right there 

- alec (like max) falls asleep EVERYWHERE and he’ll wake up in the middle of the night to magnus carrying him to bed (((“darling, i’m sorry, but you were asleep at the table and it looked wildly uncomfortable”)))

- whoever wakes up first usually wakes the other with soft kisses along their jaw 

- they go on dates at least once a week and have a goal of visiting every restaurant in NYC 

- alec LOVEs the place where magnus’ belly button should be and he always traces his fingers there and plants kisses and lil bites 

- whenever alec comes back from a mission or a long trip to alicante he always finds magnus wearing one of his sweaters 

In which Sokka is the most awkward thing

“Do you…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

Toph’s judgmental look fell a foot to his left, but the effect was the same: He was mortified. Why did he say that?

She remained quiet for a moment, long enough that a retraction formed on the back of Sokka’s tongue. But just as he was about to speak, Toph shrugged and turned her back to him.

“Make sure you really dig in between the shoulders,” she ordered.

Stunned, Sokka stumped over to Toph and flexed his hands. They landed on her shoulders with a clap, and he started to move his hands tentatively.

When his hands migrated to her neck, Toph frowned. “You really stink at this, Snoozles.”

Actually, YES. When I am nine years old and, unaware of any subcontext, start to sing “Union of the Snake” in the car with my mother and her sister and they turn to me with mortified faces and tell me to to stop, HOW DARE YOU EMBARRASS ME LIKE THAT?


Okay so I haven’t written anything fan fic related in years so bare with me. I was inspired by a comment SA made about omelettes/pancakes or something….

Felicity and Oliver were used to spending countless hours together. Whether it was at QC when Oliver was CEO and Felicity was his executive assistant (he has apologized hundreds of times for it already), or whether they were down in the foundry until the sun came up. For the past three years, they have spent an unimaginable time together. Despite that, there always seemed to be something to talk about. First girlfriends/boyfriends. Mortifying, yet hilarious drunken-adventure stories from college. Birthdays. Oliver Queen wanted to know everything there was to know about Felicity Smoak. And Felicity Smoak wanted to know everything there was to know about Oliver Queen.

6 weeks. They were six weeks into their road trip when they had their first argument about Ray.

“Felicity, how could you not have told me?,”
“Oliver, I think you’re making a big deal out of this, it’s nothing,” Felicity said reassuringly. She crossed the room to where her beloved stood and gently stroked his cheek. “Look, it’s all in the past now. I love you, and that’s that,” she said as she planted a soft kiss near his lips.
Oliver was being ridiculous, he knew he was but he couldn’t help it. Sure, he liked (more like tolerated) Palmer, but he couldn’t help but get a little hot headed when even his name was mentioned.
“You told me that he told me he loved you that day in the hospital and you couldn’t say it back.. But this… This is different,” Oliver said in a quiet voice.
“Oliver,” Felicity said in a stronger voice that she uses when her lovable, yet stubborn boyfriend needed some sense. “All I said was that he made me pancakes. Once. They weren’t even that good. You know I love your pancakes,” Felicity said with that smile that Oliver adores so much.
Oliver could not help but smile back, and made an overdramatic gasp, “You’re not just dating me for my pancakes, are you?” and planted a soft kiss on Felicity’s lips.
Felicity laughed, “You caught me,” and put her arms around his waist.
“I’m sorry. I overreacted. I just really like making you pancakes,” Oliver said as he put his chink on her head.
“Don’t apologize, Oliver. You may have overreacted.. just a teensy bit though,” Felicity replied teasingly.
They stood in their embrace for a few moments until Oliver spoke “My pancakes are better though, right? I mean between Palmer and I..”
Felicity laughed again. “Definitely”, she told him.
“Good,” Oliver said and planted another kiss on Felicity’s lips again.
“Oh please, there was no choice to make,” Felicity said with another one of her unfathomably beautiful smiles.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”

foryourhxme from 

               As Bilbo scrambles to get up and get away, Theo’s left sitting on the couch in stunned silence, staring at the now vacant cushion.  His brain is trying to wrap itself around what the other man’s just blurted out in a moment of— of what?  Gratitude?  A bout of delusion induced by cold medicine?

Blinking slowly, he finally sits up straight and looks to Bilbo.  He’s zipping about the kitchenette in their hotel room like a man on a mission.  A mission to forget what he’d just said aloud.  

Theo has options for how to handle this.  Pretend it didn’t happen, which was unlikely.  He could laugh it off, because the man had obviously been irritated until he’d been offered the tissues.  It was a moment of relief and he was thankful.  Nothing more, right?

                                          But if that was so, why was Bilbo so mortified?

Drumming his fingers on the back of the sofa, Theo worried his lower lip between his teeth before expelling a heavy breath.  A slap of palm against cushion and he was on his feet, crossing the room as Bilbo was shaking sugar packets for a reason he had yet to fathom.

        “Bilbo… Bilbo, could you just… could you stop what you’re doing and look at me, please?”


So I finally sang my first deal song and decided on Drop It Like It’s Hot. Singing in front of everyone at work was absolutely mortifying but made so much better cause I didn’t have to do it by myself. Massively cringing at myself but I can’t stop laughing 😂🙈🎶

I had to run to the store for pads just now and I dragged my mum whose spending a few days with. I was in the health and beauty section thinking I was alone and I said “ I think my uterus is gonna fall out”. Just as I said that some guy turned the corner. We froze he looked at me I looked at him and as the words uterus is gonna fall out left my lips he looked down to my groin area with a look of sheer horror and ran away… IDK if he ACTUALLY thought that it was gonna fall out or if me being so open about the pain that my PMS causes mortified him. But I’m rather proud of the fact that I made a grown as man run away from me tonight…lol 

yknow when plant and page got together to do an album without jonesy?? has jimmy ever mentioned that and expressed regret with how it went about??

because robert plant was upset to learn it offended jonesy (whAT DID YOU EXPECT TBH ROBERT) and said ‘sadly, it offended John Paul. I was mortified when I found it had offended John” idk it was just cool to hear him acknowledge it and yknow.. be sad for jonesy lmao

also i went to link a almost-porn picture to a friend of mine last night, to explain something i was talking about and i fucking ended up linking it in a group chat and i didn’t know how to edit messages and it was all a very stressful time until i figured out how to delete it but

no one is even mentioning it, i don’t know if anyone saw it, but jesus shit that was the most mortifying thing to happen to me in a WHILE

How do you think others see you?

(( Take a moment to think about this… 

I had a conversation with some friends the other day. They were mortified by a funny picture someone had taken of them. Mortified to the point that they couldn’t look at the picture without becoming depressed.

“If that’s how I look when I’m having fun, I need to work out.” 

“I look so ugly.”

“Everyone laughs about this picture… it just makes me sad.” 

So I brought up this point. How do you look at your friends? 

Do you see an ugly picture of them and think, “Wow, they’re hideous. That’s how they look all the time.” or do you look at it and simply think that it’s hilarious, because it’s nothing more than a funny face?

Do you view your friends based on their ugly pictures… or do you look at them and see the cute selfie they took that day.

We, as humans, generally see our friends in the best possible light. Most of us look at each other with a screen that seems to filter out all of the blemishes that are, apparently, front and center.

My acne is so horrible, my hair is so thin, I’m so overweight, I’m ugly

How do you look at others?

If you see others at their most beautiful… If you look at gorgeous, filtered selfies of your friends and think “they are so beautiful”… if you think your friends genuinely look like the pictures they post, the pictures that make them feel confident…

Then doesn’t it stand to reason that they look at you the same way? Why are you any different? Why are you suddenly standing alone in this? The people you surround yourself with… the people you think are so wonderful and beautiful… they all see you the way you want to be seen.

Now let yourself see it.

Get rid of the feelings of despair, shame, and self loathing where others are concerned. Stop thinking that everyone’s judging you based on those unflattering photos. If you can look at someone’s beautiful picture and think it looks just like them… then believe people when they tell you how beautiful you look.

This is your life. Don’t waste it by stripping away your own power. ))

For a little while now I’ve been more comfortable in my skin. I’ve been less afraid to wear “risky” clothing and cover up and hide. I used to hate shorts but now they are my favorite thing. One day I found this crop top and didn’t even glance at it at first, because my first thought was “you can’t wear that.” After a few minutes though, I came back to it and actually looked at it. It was cute and even though it wasn’t something I’ve ever worn before, I’ve always admired. I challenged myself to buy it. After I did, I never wore it, just let it get squished under all my other clothing. Today I dug it up and thought I’d push myself a little harder into self acceptance and told myself I’d wear it out tonight. No matter what happens. I’m terrified of showing this much skin. Absolutely mortified. But you know what? I don’t think I look half bad.