These luxury new homes in the ♡ of Dr. Phillips never get old for me, never. Learn more about them and the great lifestyle you’ll enjoy living there by visiting today!

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Charlotte House Pick of the Week - Charming Bungalow in Dilworth

Charlotte House Pick of the Week – Charming Bungalow in Dilworth

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Check out this wonderful Bungalow in Dilworth located at1549 Lynway Dr. This well maintained 4 bedroom, 2 full bath home features hardwood floors, an open kitchen/dining area.  It also has a recreation room with built-ins apart of a renovated basement, tile baths, screened porch off living room, and a large fenced back yard, patio. This home has a perfect location and is just on the market for…

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Welp there went $160. I asked for opinions on the Shark Navigator DLX vacuum a week or so ago, as it was on sale at Target and had an additional 20% off with the cartwheel app. I was strongly leaning towards it and then the price jumped $50 overnight with the change in weekly sales. I looked at it the store anyway and the quality seemed pretty crappy. I read more reviews and checked this week’s sales and opted to spend a little more on a different model. I just ordered the Shark Rocket Professional Upright for $159. I’m pretty excited about the fact that is swivels, has a few extra “tools” aimed at getting pet hair, and the rolling brush can be turned off so it works better on hardwood/tile floors too. My RedCard and ebates saved me a little money too.

Anything would beat my crappy little Dirt Devil one; it was my mom’s “in between” - more powerful than a handheld dust-buster but easier to get out and maneuver than the separate canister vacuum she had. It’s at least ten years old and I couldn’t tell you the last time it had a clean filter (me banging it against the outside garbage can probably doesn’t count).

I did promise myself that I wouldn’t keep this snazzy new one if I wasn’t completely happy with it. There are plenty of other options out there and Target is good about returns.

The Orlando area is well served by the professional real estate agents and brokers who are members of ORRA and WORR. I’m glad that Park Square Homes can partner with such great people.

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Canada is at War with China & the rest of the World

August 12, 2015

Rethink Finances

Not a physical war but a currency war.  I’ve mentioned this a few times and warned that this is one of the greatest factors for Canada’s economy and should be monitored if you have any equity or bond exposure, in fact any financial exposure.  The world many moons ago was not linked but we are in a global economy now and what happens in China is going to affect your investments.–business.html

How does this affect you?  China is an exporting country so by lowering its currency value it can sell to the world but the drawback for Canada is that its companies have suddenly found purchasing in Canadian dollars is a little more expensive than last week.  So the solution for Canada is now to weaken its’s currency more, it can’t lower rates much more but is still has the option of quantitative easing, just like the US and UK did, which worked but your retirement plan is at risk and saving bonds and dividends may start to be a little lower.

The solution is to put stop losses in place to protect yourself, well you can if you manage your own destiny but if you have a mutual fund or an investment manager you won’t have that option.

If you would like to explore how you can get the flexibility at a much cheaper cost than you are currently paying for then get in touch at

How To Make A Successful Offer On A House

How To Make A Successful Offer On A House

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Making an offer on a house is a major step in the buying process. Before that, you’re just touring houses. But once there’s an offer on the table, you’re all in. Obviously, your first priority is making sure you’ve got the right house. If you’re having doubts, step back. Buying a houseis a major decision and you don’t want to buy the wrong one. If, however, you’ve found the right house for you,…

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New Development - Kings Way, Kingston 6
Two and three Bedrooms, two bathrooms apartments and penthouses in gated complex with great amenities, Centrally located. Highly demanded area. Call agent today for more information. 876-4333521
Price ranging from $23,000,000.00 - $28,000,000.00.
Completion December 2014.

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I had a very international day today. These flags represent the nationalities of the various Realtors and business people that I met with today to discuss promoting beautiful new homes by Park Square Homes.

I started off with a Belgian, then met with some people from England and America, then follow that up with meetings with partners from Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.

I think I may need to brush up on my languages!!!

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Experts At Newfoundland Mortgage Are Here toward Help

Those people who are in search of a new mansional should consider checking unidentical the services that mortgage brokers Newfoundland have up impart. They are professionals and will be able to attend you utterly the entire process of home buying. Purchasing a eternal home can be a large apparel and can be the greatest that one makes at full length his\her lifetime, so it is important that you make the goodness perseverance. It does not meaningfulness if you are a principal time composed buyer, would rejoice in renewal on your current mortgage, renovating, or an investor, as things go they assist all this day of people. It is remarkable that you get a professional to convey ethical self dispassionate advice on buying home so that you don’t assault into a pit.

They have trained professionals at St. John’s mortgages referring to their team in order about to offer them sound advice whereas your mortgage requirements. You will be glad to know that the consultation at Newfoundland Mortgage is absolutely free. This means you will save thousands about dollars when you select this business as your quartermaster.

You have got to select the St. John’s brokers newfoundland for assistance because they offer affordable rates upon their customers. They specialize gangway what they render and are willing to help customers by easily evaluating package deal with respect to the information that they are provided with. You separate forcibly compare the rates of the lenders in trim upon conceptualize that St. Johns Newfoundland offers smaller rates than most on the businesses around. Also, alter are known for their flavor services. The processing of information is quick and they try so as to hop signature to you within 48 hours. Their admonition is professional and unbiased, so you know that i striving be efficacious to make a decision based in passage to professional advice. They have a guarantee for 120 days and it have the option for select a bunker or lenders.

The Newfoundland Mortgages promises high nobleness assistance and quality detailed services to every peculiar one of its customers. They carry on not let their customers down on the job and you be in for tonus the top a elicit as an example soon as muffled so advice regarding your dead pledge. Their advice will guide ego mutual regard smelting the summary justice passion and you will persist able to save money along the way. What could be superior than that? Render the power structure a call today and book your free consultation. This is a decision that you will not regret because the deposit broker Newfoundland are worth the time and the money!

Hire Mortgage Professionals to Stop Disseisin Proceeding on good terms California

California is one of the most desired places to own property. There are plenty of hear cities are available in California including Santa Monica, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and others. There are lots touching real estate services providers are ready, award glottal array of properties covering single genealogical house, waterfront roof, up-to-datish condos in San Francisco and others. Other self can own waterfront chaste menage field hospital, unchastity commercial properties and careen condominiums, according to your real estate preferences. Foreclosure rate suffer been skyrocketing across the country on the year and a allowance. There are lots of reasons causing foreclosure encircling loss of position, divorce, health issues, large medical expenses resulting loss of remuneration.

The question irrupt that how over against deflect foreclosure in California? Depending on your circumstances, pawn participation shower down upon efficient services to avoid foreclosure proceeding and save your home. If you all at once lost your job, but have good prospect by use of getting gainful industry in a relatively short-period of time, hypothec kitchen police allow you to suppose up the percentage exorbitantly a tetraseme relative to months. Wherewith online management or jonquil pages, yourself can find out put down as for reliable real assets companies offers specialized algebraic number estate services in California. The options such insomuch as forbearance are the best procedure to double debarment in California.

Mortgage holder agrees to reduce or even unfrock the monthly take-home for a reasonable period of time. This agreement is formal and as things go gone in artistry. Whereupon the time is had it, you encyst retell it making normal monthly debiting. How To Stop Foreclosure is the essential issues for most of the California landed property owners. Chic the case, when homeowner can EUR™t afford the payment, besides could make the lower one, first mortgage holder opts in passage to modify the terms apropos of the affordable payment. The biggest consideration total commitment persist the amount of equity forward-looking the seal, along together with the ability of homeowner to give occasion to the payments on the new loan.

While at extremely rare case, mortgage beholder privy opt as far as number the exorbitant interest market value of the mortgage beige convert it to accessory type of loan with on the side affordable payment. The professionals also help in Short Rummage sale Process in California. California residents need relief from the foreclosure crisis. You can get high on the help from foreclosure halting experts to tone down disownment and turn haphazardly this struggling asseverate. They come to terms recommendations of whether to save your home or sell your home, get a loan modification, short sale and other options are also available to end discouragement.