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Chris & Malissa, Committed to Home, But Not to a Mortgage

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They began their tiny house in early 2012, carefully photo and video documenting their build process to contribute to what was (at the time) a small group of blogs and websites on the subject. ” – Billy for PAD Tiny Houses

Read the interview with Chris & Malissa and their Unlikely Lives. Visit Chris & Malissa’s blog and see more of the Tiny Tack House.

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This Dream Home Only Cost Them $22,000. Just Wait Til You Go Inside..

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison spent decades in the rat race, with their lives revolving around their finances and paying off a huge mortgage. They were sick of this lifestyle, so they boldly downsized and built a tiny house of their own. They call it “hOMe”.
It only cost the Morrisons $22,000 to build their dream home.

They now live mortgage-free, which has improved quality of their life and the closeness of their marriage.

Thanks to brilliant design, this 207 sqft space feels much bigger on the inside. The Morrisons have everything they need.
There’s a spacious kitchen, with an oven, fridge, and sink.
Definitely no lack of counter and shelf space here!
They also included a reading area and an office desk that doubles as a dining table.
Under the stairs to the loft is a big “closet”. Not a single inch is wasted.
Their bedroom fits a queen sized bed and a big dresser.
And on the other side of the loft, a living room where Andrew likes to play his guitar.
Their tiny bathroom has a high tech plumbing system.
And there’s even a shower!

The best part? The house is on wheels, meaning they have no permanent address sand can move whenever.
After touring hOMe, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would need more than this.

Downsizing to a smaller home, especially a tiny house, saves money and lets people focus on more important things in life.
The Morrisons’ home reflects a physical and mental place all of us strive for. They’re free from debts and bills, mind numbing routines, a permanent address, and everything else that prevents us from being the people we want to be. More of us should follow their example - pass their story on to others by clicking below!

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People Young & Old Are Building Mortgage-free Lives in Tiny Homes

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When Sicily Kolbeck first told people she was planning to build her own house, they often assumed she meant a doll house. “I got a lot of, ‘That’s cute,’” Sicily recalls. In reality, Sicily, 13, aimed to become part of a burgeoning movement. Sicily didn’t have any construction expertise when she read about these scaled-down houses online and was inspired to build her own.” - BBC News

Read the complete story of Americans construct tiny houses – and new lives.

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Our Green, Mortgage-Free Home in Costa Rica

The Kemsleys’ stunning debt-free house is located in a tropical rainforest environment in Costa Rica. They’re completing the project piecemeal, paying for it as it’s built over the course of four years.

By Nita Kemsley

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Power It Up! DIY Electrical Wiring DVD Set

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The following is a guest post from Kevin Coy.

Hello! Kevin Coy here with Kevin’s Micro Homestead and A Self Reliant Life. Some of you may already know me from videos that Michael has shared from my Youtube channel here on his site.

I have been a contractor and remodeler for the better part of 20 years and a part of the simple, mortgage free, tiny house living movement for many of those years. Early on one of the gaps that I saw in this genre was a lack of instruction or resources to help tiny house enthusiasts learn how to build their homes without relying on the expense of a contractor.

I have become very passionate about showing people how they can truly own their own home without spending the national average in the US for housing of $530,000 per person over their lifetime. in light of the recent economic downturn where families lost their homes to banks and mortgage companies because they could not make a payment I became even more determined than ever to show people how they can take control of the largest expense in their lives and get rid of the 30 year mortgage trap.

Not so long ago when a family wanted a home they built it themselves. Unfortunately in our culture this would be impossible for a lot of people today as we have lost a lot of the skills that would be needed. Let alone having the time. This is where I  believe that the tiny house movement has made us realize we can build our own homes without it being such a daunting task. We just need to get back to teaching those lost skills and becoming more self reliant again.

One of the scary parts for some when building their own tiny house is the electrical system. And it shouldn’t be as it is quite straightforward once you know the basics and what the rules are. It can also be one of the more expensive parts of the project to hire an electrician. Knowing this, I have created a 4-DVD series that teaches you how to Do-It-Yourself in a step by step process. Breaking it down very simply for anyone with zero experience. After watching these DVD’s even a ten year old could wire a house:) One of the keys to ending the mortgage rein over our lives is to invest in ourselves and build our skills as well as our knowledge.

Learn more about what the DVD Series covers and watch the short video explaining the Power It Up DVD and what it will teach you.

I am currently shooting the Plumbing It Yourself DVD set and hope to have it out to you soon. If you would like to connect so you don’t miss out on anything go to

Also I have created a Youtube Channel with a series on how to build your own tiny house yourself. Our channel has over 20 videos in just this series showing step by step how to frame, build a foundation, install window and doors, roofing, siding, etc. I also go over all the tools and materials you will need and site considerations as well as safety while you build. Also be sure to check out Kevin Coy’s A Self Reliant Life on YouTube.

I hope our site and channel helps you become more independent, self reliant and mortgage free.

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Debt-Free Living in Your Dream Home

Achieve debt-free living by following these readers’ advice on acquiring or building a home without a mortgage. Your dream home is within your reach if you pair patience with resourcefulness.

By Amanda Sorell

Photo by Roy Trembath

Large Debt-Free Log Home Built by Hand

Not only has Roy Trembath built a debt-free home that’s larger than most — he also teaches others how they can do the same. Here is some of his advice.

By Roy Trembath 

Cordwood Chapel at Kinstone Permaculture Academy

By Richard Flatau

In 2012 we were asked to help build a Cordwood Chapel at the Kinstone Permaculture Academy near Fountain City, Wisconsin (SW Wisconsin). We were grateful for the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people who were in the process of establishing an infrastructure that would help fulfill the goal of spreading the news about permaculture, natural building and all manner of things. [Keep reading….]