yep, when you sign the deed of trust, it is a one person contract (contracts involve 2 people or more) so it is invalid, you sign over your fully paid for home to the bank.  your signature fully paid for the house, but you never knew this, cause you are not supposed to.  btw, banks are not allowed to loan money, this is why they don’t.  they are only a fiduciary service.  people,yall getting railroaded due to ignorance, due to their withholding of very important information.  this is not done by mistake. reblog with a message to contact me about this.


How Loans and Credit Cards Really Work

The truth about how you don’t borrow anything.

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Setting up the clients with the right expectation on how to move forward on getting approved with a #mortgage loan is one of the biggest parts of the process. #mymtgstory #success #money #business #loan #broker #brokerlife

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