mortdecai movie


“that’s the great thing about Johnny: he can convey something without saying anything, and if you can convey something without saying it, that’s magic. You don’t know what the guy is thinking but you just see turmoil and sadness and darkness and anger all under the surface and it’s great.”
- Tim Burton | quote from Empire Magazine, 2008.

Join part time rogue and moustachioed art aficionado Charlie Mortdecai (Johnny Depp) as he traverses the globe juggling angry Russians, the British Mi5, and femme fatales to recover a stolen painting rumored to contain the code to a lost bank account filled with Nazi gold!

 He will thrill you, he will dazzle you, but most importantly he will grow on you. Spend a little time with Mortdecai, and the all-star cast - In theaters January 23.


~ Charlie and Johanna Mortdecai ~

“The couples that are meant to be are the ones who got through everything that’s designed to tear them apart and come out even stronger…”