um accidental follower appreciation post

so uh in my head ive gotten to know the first ten of you pretty well so this is just me loving you awkwardly enjoy

in order of who followed first:

mortbruyante: my first follower! im still not sure why you decided to… you speak spanish, that is clear from the long spanish posts i see on my dash. do you speak english? i feel bad if you dont. should i incorporate more spanish into this blog yo quiero mi biblioteca yo soy mal at espanol? also the first time i clicked your blog i saw a penis and my mom walked behind me and good times were not had. that was my bad, i was not expecting it. i was a tumblr newbie then. now, i have learned. so much.

heir-of-breasts: the first person I ever followed. I pretty much reblogged 10 pages of your stuff my first day on tumblr it was all just so funny. you followed me back and bless you for it; im not sure if youve liked/reblogged anything of mine but you keep on following anyway talk about a good trooper. also guys shes into homestuck which i am still befuddled by but if you like that then totes check her out shes got the best posts.

argentmeeteverdeen: idk who followed who first but probably me. you post uber high quality gifsets from all different series: mostly game of thrones, hunger games, and teen wolf. i wasnt into the last one but now i am so job well done on converting me. we’ve only talked once i think about themes so lets take this relationship to the next level, baby. my body is ready.

timetigetfit: ok i posted ONE post about jogging and THAT WAS IT. it was just me saying i spend 70% of the time im supposed to be jogging looking over my shoulder for kidnappers. I think you’re misunderstanding what my blog is about. it isn’t fitness, man. it isn’t fitness. im sorry if i fooled you. also how do you say your name? is that like time to get fit? or time tiger fit? this is really stressing me out not knowing.

slightlymadd: one of those amazing all-purpose blogs that combines the pretty with the inspiring and the funny… of course you’re on art student. :P not gonna lie tho your layout makes me angry cuz i cant click on posts of yours to like/reblog them and i prefer that way when my dash gets too laggy. anyway you like things of mine no one else does and thats really all i could ever ask for. bless you you zero-notes-obliterator.

tyuig64: the theatre kid! you find drawing as frustrating as i do, which makes you A-okay in my books. doesnt matter that we dont talk i feel like our reblogs carry their own special language. for instance when i reblogged that post of yours about mayonnaise being an instrument i felt like i understood what it must be like to play mayonnaise. thats whats between us, bro. YOU CANT DENY THIS.

persephonesyndrome: dis my main hoe in a non-derogatory-very-respectful sense. also a hell of an artist! you had me at eyelashes (WOW INSIDE JOKES SEE THIS IS WHAT FRIENDSHIP TASTES LIKE) and are great at commiserating with me on how awkward we are in life. you are my guide to gendry feels, various other hot men, and cat pics (who is this illusive snowball i hear so much of?)

that butt anon was me by the way i cant believe you went for it HAHAHA

alexh9syouall: what when did you change your tumblr name? man am i observant. you are the youngest person i follow and yet i think you have the most inappropriate stuff which warms the cockles of my heart with hope for the next generation. i am praying for you to get your wish that obama rubs his tentacles/testicles on you. if anyone deserves it, its you. <3

cupsofteaandcutoffjean: the literature blog! (well also music/movie/tv/art) i just adore your blog it makes me emotional. ;_; it has a lot of amazing quotes and passages from novels i love and a lot i havent even heard of so must check out. but i think you have an unhealthy addiction to bowties and you’re passing it on to me.

lesbnice: why are you still following me YOU DONT EVEN GO HERE

and to my (few) other followers: just think, once i get to know you better maybe i can make  a follow up post about you! (get out while you still can)