Okay so, Warlocks are offspring of Mundanes and Demons correct? And Fey are offspring of Angels and Demons which all makes sense to me however at the end of the section on Warlock offspring it says that a Demon and a Shadowhunter produce stillborn offspring because the Demon and Angel blood are both dominant but if they are both dominant bloods wouldn’t it create Fey? What does the Mundane blood do to create a stillborn instead of a Fey? I would really love it if you could expand on this! Thank you (・ω・)ノ — koipeach

Okay, here’s the thing: the fey are not literally the offspring of a demon and an angel. The whole notion of faeries being “half angel and half demon” is not the same as warlocks being half demon. The legend is that faeries were originally created from the union of angels and demons. But every faerie that is alive today (as far as we know) was born the child of other faeries. We don’t actually know how the fey were initially created. All we have to work from is the legend. So faeries don’t have “demon blood” or “angel blood” in the way that warlocks have an actual directdemon parent or in the way that Jace and Clary have actual angel blood.

I hope that clarifies things!

Hi Cassie, I love your series. One thing that has been kinda bugging me since I read Magnus and Camille’s breakup scene (which, to clarify, I read after reading CoFA): does the TMI crew ever find out that Magnus kissed Will? Does Tessa? Hell, does Camille ever even find out Magnus was lying? Because I can’t help but imagine the scene where Cam is chained up in the sanctuary in CoFA going differently, with Magnus having to explain to his boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, and a bunch of shadowhunters that no, he did not cheat on a vampire with Jace’s great-great grandfather. — lysander-au-lune

That’s a cute thought! I can’t imagine why most of the characters of TMI would have much interest in who Magnus kissed over a century earlier, though? I mean, I guess Alec might know, but since it was in the context of Magnus ending his relationship with Camille, Alec would understand the kiss wasn’t out of romantic intent. I guess it’s of slight interest to Jace that Magnus kissed one of his ancestors, but for all Jace knows, Magnus has kissed more than just one! Jace had lots of ancestors.

Magnus probably told Tessa the story at some point when they were talking about Camille. Tessa probably though it was funny, in a tragic sort of way.
Camille did not actually care about the truth. She just liked jerking Magnus’s chain, so to speak.

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Magnus discovering snapchat and then sending ridiculous videos to Catarina and Ragnor all the time. Af then what if when he started dating Alec he asked both if they thought Alec would freak out if he sent them to him too

You beautiful anon this is the shit I like to see on this site:

  • Magnus’ snapchat name is something like magnusthemagnificent or highwarlockofyourpants
  • You’d think his messages would be of him being fabulous around NYC but in reality they’re of him brushing his teeth while talking or singing in the shower. 
  • Lots. Of. Snaps. Of. Chairman. Meow. 
  • Ranger gets fed up of Magnus sending him snapchats of videos about Kermit the frog so he blocks him.
  • Catarina never checks her snapchat but when she does she’s got like 50+ snaps from Magnus about his new hair gel. 
  • When Magnus and Alec become a thing Magnus takes snaps of Alec sleeping or him reading or anything of Alec being Alec basically and sends them to Jace. 
  • And Alec doesn’t know so he can’t figure out how Jace always knows what he’s doing when he’s at the apartment and he’s actually kind of creeped out. 
  • Then while Alec is singing in the shower he pokes his head out because he hears someone laughing and IT’S FUCKING MAGNUS WITH HIS PHONE RECORDING HIM. 
  • Alec is henceforth taken out of Magnus’ snapchats because Magnus takes “no sex” threats seriously. 
  • Jace and Magnus send selfies back and forth arguing about who is more attractive. 
  • Magnus sends Clary snapchats of his food, all with the caption, “Where’s my Biscuit?”
  • Magnus and Izzy exchange outfit of the day snapchats. 
malec week day #1

headcanon set #1

prompt: lab partners AU headcanons prompted by lilypotter72

  • Outside of the lab, Alec is clumsy as fuck but when he’s in the lab and given an assignment and there are chemicals around, ones that could hurt himself or his partner, he’s very cautious. Magnus likes to watch Alec while he’s pouring something from one beaker to another because he gets this adorable look of concentration on his face, his tongue sticking out at the corner of his mouth. And he’s always making sure Magnus is being careful, because while Alec gets entirely more meticulous, Magnus just doesn’t care.

“Magnus.” Alec quietly shrieked. “That’s an acid, pour it carefully! You could really get hurt.”

Magnus smiled teasingly, still pouring the hydrochloric acid while he looked at Alec. “Aw, are you worried about me?”

“I’m worried that you’re a complete idiot.” Alec hissed.

He ends up snatching the materials away and doing the transfer himself.


“Magnus are you suppose to be mixing those together?”

“Well let’s find out.”

“Magnus, I swear to god, if you kill us I’m going to murder you.”

  • Magnus fools around with the chemicals and ends up accidentally dying Alec’s lab coat sleeves blue. 

“I feel like an idiot.”

“It matches your eyes.”

Alec snorted. “I’m glad my eyes are a glorious shade of Bromothymol blue.”

  • Okay but Alec spends hours studying chemistry, it’s something he’s always struggled with, so when he’d accidentally zoning out in class when the teacher’s discussing the instructions, he walks into the lab helpless. Magnus isn’t usually the one to do the difficult stuff in the lab, so Alec ends up walking towards him forlornly, because they were going to fail. He doesn’t even need to admit to Magnus that he hadn’t been listening; Magnus had already set up everything, formulas already written down on their worksheets and Alec’s shocked. He knew Magnus wasn’t stupid but he never seemed like the type to care about Chemistry. (turns out Magnus is brilliant with chemicals, and the way he mixes them, knowing exactly what’s going to happen is almost like… magic.)
  • headcanon: they’re not lab partners, but their groups are very close. Magnus’s partner isn’t listening and Alec’s doing all the work in his group and the two see each other, and smile because lab partners suck when they don’t help. After the lab, Magnus approaches Alec and suggests that they be lab partners next time and save the trouble of pairing with a shitty partner.
  • OR Magnus asks a question to his group (a group of 6, Alec is one of them) and no one responds, all simply shrugging their shoulders, except Alec who answers as if he’s blurting out the definition from a textbook. Magnus looks at him impressed and Alec looks embarrassed, as if he was unaware of his response and just put on autopilot. Magnus decides that Alec’s the best way to go, and sticks with him through out the lab, both writing down observations and incubating the bacteria. They end up getting to know each other (there is a lot of down time while they’re waiting for water to boil or for the organisms to move) and Magnus is irrationally excited when he realizes they have the same bio classes and chem classes (the next day Magnus plops himself beside Alec).
  • Alec and Magnus were paired together via the teacher, Magnus is fairly new at the school and Alec doesn’t really have a knack for making friends. Magnus is blabbering about how it’s his second week at the school and Alec is listening, trying to stop the blush from painting over his cheeks (Magnus was cute). Magnus ends up talking about music, inadvertently dissing one of Alec’s favourite bands and before he can stop himself the two end up in a vicious debate. They’re getting louder and Alec’s in the middle of an argument when a loud voice clears their throat interrupting them. The entire class is looking at them and the teacher, is leaning against his desk, quirking his brow, unimpressed. Alec’s flushing darkly and Magnus looks like he’s trying not to stop and before Alec can hiss something rude to him under his breath or start spewing apologies the teacher kicks them out (”If you didn’t want to pay attention, you shouldn’t have come. I’m here to teach you, not to babysit you.”)

“Oh my god.” Alec’s face burned before he glared at Magnus, his eyes narrowing fiercely. “I can’t believe you got us kicked out.”

“Me?” Magnus drawled. “If I’m not mistaken, you were the one yelling.”

Alec hissed, his books banging against his thigh. “Only because you were being rude.” 

“I’m the one who should be worried, I just started. I really don’t think I should be missing a class already.”

Alec ignored him, leaning against the wall, looking devastated. “That was so embarrassing. Everyone was looking at us.”

“Okay, how about I make it up to you?”

Alec narrowed his eyes, suspicious and Magnus raised his hands in a placating gesture. 

“Nothing weird. Just a coffee.” Magnus smiled brightly, looking utterly charming. Alec melted into the wall when Magnus flashed his signature grin, Chemistry being pushed to the back of his mind.

“Just… a coffee?”

“One coffee. That’s it. I’ll buy and I promise to no longer diss your bands. It turns out you can’t take that very well.”

Alec scowled. “If someone had-”

“So what do you say?” Magnus interrupted. “Coffee?”

“Fine.” Alec huffed. “But only because I like coffee and I didn’t get one this morning.”

(They end up staying for hours at the coffee shop near campus, chatting about nothing, and even though they’re pretty much opposite in everything, they somehow click)

(they go for coffee again)