The Mortal Instruments AU Clary is the demon child and Johnathan has angel’s blood in his veins

“Clary put her mouth right next to his ear. She could feel the fear rushing through his veins filled with hot, sweet angel-blood and she fought the urge to rip through his delicate skin with her sharp nails and feel the red liquid on her hands. »Hello, little brother.«, she said and stroke his blond hair.”

Sizzy AU » Simon Lewis in 2107

Is had been quite a long time since Simon has been in Brooklyn. New York City was of course still the everlasting mess of people, lights and insanity. So nothing changed. But here he stood, in front of a building he could not enter because of a certain conditions and even after all these times he felt this sting in his numb and motionless heart. But he liked the pain. It was proved he had a heart after all. 
He sighed and went on walking when two people came out of the New York Institute. He did not know this people. He knew their names of course but he didn’t really know them like he did know the Shadowhunters who lived here some years ago.

Yes. Knowing.

Why did he come back here again? Just to be reminded that he lost every person he loved in his first life?
Simon always referred to his mortal life (and the first 30 years of his immortality) as his first life. Now, almost everyone was dead. The only thing that is left are old photos, a sketch book, and a golden whip which he never threw away.
It was hers. Isabelle’s. He though about the times when he could feel her body against his and all her warmth and vitality infected him like a drug. He hated to remember it. He hated it so much. The memory of her black hair on his skin. Her eyes caressing his body. Her hands in his hand. She did belonged there. By his side and yet he had to let her go like so many others. 

Simon Lewis went on walking, the night swallowing him. A blanket wrapping him up once again. Every day - every streak of sunlight he was allowed to enjoy - was a little painful because it reminded him of the angel blood he once drank. It reminded him of them. 

He liked the pain.

It was necessary.

It proved he was alive.