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Imagine Alec when he meets you for the first time. 

“Hello there, I’m Y/N.”
“I’m Alec.”
“I suppose your a Shadowhunter?”
“Um.. y-yeah. I’m a Shadowhunter. I- I hunt demons and I-”
*laughs* “You’re cute, I know what you are.” 
“I’m not cute, I’m fierce and brave and-and-”
“And a cinnamon roll.”


Eden Wayland hasn’t exactly had an easy upbringing. Her father and older brother, were murdered when she was just a baby. Her mother, Ariadne Morgenstern, is suffocatingly overprotective of the only family she has left. She’s having big issues when it comes to her parabatai, Zeke Blackthorn, and it feels like their relationship is crumbling.

But now Valentine, Eden’s uncle and Ariadne’s older brother, is back in New York. Although many don’t believe he could possibly be alive, Eden does. She wants vengeance for the family that he ripped from her. But she needs to be careful, for the ones that are closest to you are the ones whose betrayal hurts the most.