“Every night, no matter what has happened during the day, no matter if I am torn or bloodied or so bone-tired I wish I were dead, I look up at the stars and I give each star a brother’s name or a sister’s face. I will not sleep until I remember every one.
The stars will burn out before I forget.”

The Blackthorns described by Mark in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy.


  • Jace: I am a Wayland
  • Will, in afterlife: no
  • Jace: I am a Morgenstern
  • Will: nO
  • Jace: I am a Lightwood
  • Will: NO
  • ...............
  • Kit: I am not a Herondale
  • Will: *sighs*
  • book: I will ruin you. I will completely and utterly destroy you. I will rip your feelings to shreds, I will make you love these characters and then I will kill them, I will devour you and--
  • me: I'LL TAKE IT

ya lit ⇥ female characters

with hearts of of steel and fists made of iron

  • people: shadowhunters is an immature show
  • me:
  • me: 5/8 main characters are non stereotyped ethnicities, lots of lgbtq+ characters, healthy relationship between a gay man and a bi man, minorities in positions of power, highlights issues like drug abuse and child abuse, shows how parents' views effect their children, characters from different religions