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So I was watching shadowhunters with my 10 year old cousin

Him: So the glittery man is magical right?

Me: Yup

Him: Is the source of his power his glitter? Is that why he wears so much?

Him: Why are you laughing?


♡ make me choose ♡  @bluiiieee asked: sebastian morgenstern or valentine morgenstern (as best villain)

“he has charisma enough to draw birds out of trees and convince them to live under the sea, is tall, devastatingly handsome, and has white-blond hair.” 

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The fact that we have seen how Magnus copes while Alec is in a near death experience where he may not come back from and he dealt with it on his own and spoke his concerns to Alec even though he was unconscious

This now makes me desperate to see how Alec receives it if/when Magnus is in a similar situation (unconscious/close to death)

01x12 - Malec

“emotions are never black and white.
they’re more like symptoms.
you loose your breath every time they enter a room.
your heart beats faster when they walk by.
your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath.

I know you feel what I feel, Alec.”


Basically how Alec is in love with Magnus’s smile, how he can tell the difference now that Magnus told him everything.

Oh, how he loves Magnus’s smile.

Other than those amazing green-yellow cat eyes, his smile would be his favourite thing about Magnus.

After Magnus told him the story of his life, he could see the different smiles, and he was starting to understand them.

The way his smile would light up his face whenever Alec is in sight.

The smile that shows sadness whenever he talks about how beautiful his mom is. How Alec would love his mom and how is mom would love him too.

There’s also this smile that shows sympathy for ones he could understand, because he’s been through it himself.

The smile for the unwanted attention. Where he would get over protective and start to smile at everyone before he blows (which would not be pretty). The one that he hopes would take a hint before things get ugly.

There’s also the smile that could kill. The ones that held a warning. The ones you walk away from. The ones that stop you from messing with him and the people around him.

There’s this flirtatious one too. The one just for Alec when Magnus wouldn’t stop flirting all day long. The one that Alec “hates” but secretly love. And Magnus knows that.

Ah, the mischevious smile. The one that Alec knew that he should run away but always a second late. What can he say, he’s in love with a fast man.

Not to mention, there’s also this smile where he could tell Magnus was hurting. It was the smile he would put up to mask whatever he’s feeling. The one he would put up and say “I’m fine.” but Alec knew him well enough to know he isn’t.

Lastly, his favourite smile. The smiled that fills him with warmth inside, the one that makes him fuzzy inside. The one filled with love and love only. The one reserved for only Alec, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, only. The one he’d mirror when they exchange their I love you’s.

How could Magnus’s smile affect him so much? 

It’s unbelievably amazing. Fascinating. Magnificent. Mesmerising. Beautiful.

It’s perfect. Its undeniably perfect.

So rate it from 1-10?