mortal engines quartet

Endless list of favourite children’s novels  The Mortal Engines Quartet by Philip Reeve (illustrations by David Wyatt)

Soon the city was lumbering in hot pursuit, a moving mountain of metal which rose in seven tiers like the layers of a wedding cake, the lower levels wreathed in engine smoke, the villas of the rich gleaming white on the higher decks, and above it all the cross on top of St. Paul’s Cathedral glinting gold, two thousand feet above the ruined earth.

Taking a break from :EPOCH Files for some well-deserved fan art!

An older Hester Shaw from my ultimate favourite series, The Mortal Engines Quartet (Or the Hungry City Chronicles) by Philip Reeve.

I will never forget Hester. She’s literally the most powerful character I have ever read and I think it’s just bullshit how little fanart this series gets!

I’ll be making more in the future! Read the Mortal Engines Quartet and it’s prequels the Fever Crumb series! Read it and you won’t regret it! :)

Anna Fang, badass aviator and agent of the Anti-Traction League from the Mortal Engines quartet by Philip Reeve. (one of my favourite book series of all time, and I’m really really excited to be drawing her for the upcoming volume of Ladies of Literature!)

I’ve been struggling so much with the composition for the actual piece, and just de-stressing by doing some character sketches…

Endless list of favourite YA characters → Hester Shaw (Mortal Engines)

When her gun was empty she put it down and killed the last man with a typewriter, the carriage-return bell jingling cheerfully while she smashed in his skull. When she picked up her gun and started to reload it, she was smiling. Tom thought she looked more alive than he had ever seen her before.

Hester Shaw from Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines Quartet - one of my favourite characters from one of my very favourite books.

These books had a huge impact on me as a child, but it’s been a few years since I last read them so I’ve probably got some details wrong here. She’s also not ugly enough - I really need to get better at drawing non-pretty characters. Sorry about the lazy background as well!

I had a romantic dream last night, and it went like this:

[A faceless dreamboat (though I didn’t know it quite yet) is sitting by my side at a long wooden table.]

Me: [branching from another topic and leading into a reference]…well, I dunno if you’ve ever read the Mortal Engines Quartet?

Him: [face lights up] Yeah! Yes, I have.

So, I find out that some girl is getting pissed off because I don’t post the name of the artist in my posts…

If you can see this(you probably will), I have to tell you that I dont search  Devianart in Google and just simply save the images in my computer and post them here, I find them in blogs, forums, wallpaper pages and even in Facebook sometimes. So dont get mad i guess? And btw, I have never posted pictures from Devianart, if I wanted to show people art from other person I just copy paste the link from it (Also I’ve never done it)
Undisclosed Desires | Ch 2

Snippet: In his hand was a bouquet of blue roses, neatly tied together at the stalks. The colour was bright, and very pretty, the leaves a harsh green, only enhancing its freshness. Inhaling deeply, Tom tried to calm down the pace of his heart beat. There wasn’t anything to be nervous about.

Note: Here’s chapter 2! I hope you all enjoy, and please leave a review if you can. Thank you so much.