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shoot us some bradley headcanons, and if possible the basis for them

Oh boy here we go…

  1. His bitterness is actually a cover-up of something and he’s using it as a coping mechanism. I do believe that he was bullied as a kid or he comes from a family that didn’t make it clear that his feelings are important enough. Or both.
  2. Needs attention as a form of validation. Milo usually takes that attention away from Bradley and it’s not Milo’s fault but Bradley’s jealousy is completely justified.
  3. In the second episode he hears from a random stranger “YOU will be my leader” and it’s enough for him to feel a little bit valid (”He saw something in me.”). Which means he’s ready to seek validation from literally anybody and that can be really dangerous, someone help this poor kid.
  4. Incredibly low self-esteem. If something comes in his way he doesn’t know how to fight it and, again, uses his bitterness to cope. (He’s being interrupted a lot and doesn’t know how to get people’s attention back)
  5. He believes that everyone is (or can be turned) against him. Again, it can happen to you when you were bullied a lot. (Bradley: “In! Your! Face! Other people!” Mort: “I’m on your team!”). He has trust issues for sure.
  6. His crush on Melissa wasn’t the love on the first sight. It started slowly when he realized she doesn’t find him annoying. And then it developed more because she was being nice to him. (Bradley: “Oh, hey Melissa! Mind if I join you?” Melissa (with a smile and a welcoming gesture): “Sure, Bradley, have a seat.” Notice that she later doesn’t look weirded out when he freaks out, she’s ok with him being like that. I bet he’s appreciating that.)
  7. He doesn’t actually believe he has any chances with Melissa at all. (“So Melissa, what’s up with your boy [Milo]?”) Again, low self-esteem.
  8. He is afraid of his feelings for Melissa. (“You sure you don’t wanna join our team, Melissa? I named it "Team Melissa”. Not after you. Different Melissa.“ - after taking a step forward he immediately took a step back, he also may be afraid that he’s gonna ruin it.)
  9. He feels lonely af and his biggest fear is being rejected.

As you can see my headcanons are not the happy ones…

Random Melissa headcanons:

She currently doesn’t have any crushes and doesn’t seek for any romance. She considers Bradley as her friend and enjoys their friendly rivalry. She likes making bets with him. She did notice him acting strange occasionally and she wonders what’s up with that but doesn’t really feel like she’s the right person to ask.

rough sketch - Gengar and Mega Gengar.

for those of you tht dont remember, i wrote about Gengar before here —> but i just decided to shove the info below too haha

This is Constantine, a new addition to morts team when i eventually update his app with his full team of six. I’ve been playing with the idea of gengar. i like the idea of ghastly being the top half of a skull, ill formed, this kind of phantom wrapping around itself forming a creepy face. as it develops, it beings to  form these skeletal hands out of bone, willing them into reality, and the top half of the skull being complete, but with no real lower jaw to speak of. so with all that ectoplasm it creates for itself, it can mould its body into various shapes and sizes (inspired by mouses gengar, Cyrus) but is always trying to create  a bit more solid body for itself. 

So when it fully evolves into gengar, it has a basic skeleton that its in full control of, and can melt it, bend it, sharpen it etc, into anything it wants. this kind of demoniac rabbit, Cheshire cat, bat ghost thing. So with its new ability to create more solid body parts, it can scratch, bite, and use more physical attacks than before, as well as being able to melt its entire body down into shadows . 

5) - Constantine - Gengar– able to sneak out from shadows on Mort’s command, nullifying psychic attacks and protecting Mort from mental invasion with dark pulse. He usually stays within Mort’s shadow, keeping him safe and hidden from sunlight.

 Also capable of hypnotising enemies, allowing Mort to interrogate them, then uses dream eater to incapacitate them should Mort not want them dead.  Also capable of poisoning people from the shadows with poison jab.

-  Dark pulse


-Dream eater

-Poison jab

just a rough concept, but i loved the idea of seeing the skull show through a bit more, along with the hands etc. just doodles, but i like it so far :)

I’m aware that this one is a touch further away than the original art than most people would like, but i really love how he turned out. Especially Mega Gengar, whose just a massive, stronger and wicked upgrade to an already demonic thing.  and a third eye of course.

emrakuls-tentakuls  asked:

Apparently you're fabulous at drawing Ricks (and assumably other things), and having that url. I'd commission you to draw my Pocket Mortys team and don't think I'm alone, lol. Who's your favorite Rick in the game?

(Oh man I love a lot of the Ricks in the game, but personally Evil Rick is my fav so technically he’s my favorite Rick in Pocket Mortys too, not sure if that’s cheating or not, but whatever~)

(also if anyone’s interested in a commission of their Pocket Morts team similar to the one I did of my own team send me a message and we can work something out ;) )