• Rowan: A talking door knocker? How did you react?
  • Aelin: Oh, I guess I was... MORTified.
  • Rowan: ...
  • Aelin: ...
  • Rowan: ...
  • Aelin: ...
  • Rowan *opens window*: Throw yourself out.
jumătate beat, jumătate mort.
jumătate înger, jumătate demon.
jumătate bun, jumătate rău.
jumătate trist, jumătate fericit.
jumătate râde, jumătate plânge.
jumătate tace, jumătate urlă.
jumătate mort, jumătate beat.
jumătate eu, jumătate tu.
jumătate iubește, jumătate urăște.
—  eu
Bandai Visual Producer Minoru Takanashi Dies

Minoru Takanashi, a Bandai Visual producer who worked on hit series like Escaflowne, Macross, Gundam and others, has died, animator Nobuteru Yuki reported Wednesday.

Takanashi’s impressive list of credits also includes series and films such as 3x3 Eyes, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Jin-Roh, Wolf’s Rain and Gunbuster.

Yuki, who reported the news on Twitter, wrote the following about Takanashi:

Without [Takanashi’s] project-planning powers, I don’t think Escaflowne would’ve been made… he did everything with a “let’s do it!”-style glint in his eye.

Takanashi was a frequent presence on the North American anime convention circuit, where he could be seen promoting Bandai Visual projects.

Now we know where the booboo came from!

Yeah. Mort isn’t very nice. He’s not particularly interested in how he gets people in his belly… as long as they’re alive enough to squirm he’s happy. What an ass.

Speed  was the name of the game for this page, since I’ve gotten behind on  posting. I think I’ve balanced slightly lower quality, with brushes and  techniques that will continue to increase speed…
The next few pages should be completed faster anyways since they decrease in panels after 23.

I do need to go back and fix Noah’s size on this page. I think he ended up a little small… >>’