morsommen said :

Hello -
Just a note to thank you for your continued interest and support. Very kind of you. I also want to commend your blog and beautiful photography - you have a wonderful eye and impeccable technique to back it up. Your posts brighten my dashboard daily. Also, I owe you thanks for turning me on to Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Based on your post a while back, we picked some up at the Portland farmers market. Sliced, browned in butter and laid atop of porcini risotto…mwa! Cheers.
- morsommen

Hi David!

Thank you very much for such a nice heart-warming message! You just made my day! I love your very unique golden-olive-green landscapes, and I’m looking forward seeing more of your beautiful photos and poetry!

Lion’s Mane mushrooms (here, here, and here) are one of my favorites along with morels, forest nameko (butterscotch), and porcinis (I’ll post porchini’s post later). Because I hardly ever eat meat anymore, I'm thoroughly exploring this wonderful mushrooms-and-veggies world. :) 

morsommen asked:

Hi - just wanted to send a quick note in thanks for all the re-blogs. Very kind of you. Your beautiful space always makes my work look better :) Cheers, David

Anytime! Your blog has always been a favorite of mine and it’s made me want to fulfill my dream of visiting Oregon and the Pacific Northwest even more. Keep up the awesome work!