what ur fav tes race says abt u
  • argonian:ur biggest ambition is to own as many lizards as possible
  • altmer:you love mages
  • breton:you love mages but ur french
  • bosmer:lotr was and still is ur fave film
  • dunmer:u cry when u listen to nerevar rising
  • orismer:u love muscles so much
  • khajiit:you have a fursona
  • nord:you are a barbarian secretly and own at least two swords
  • redguard:u used to play pirates at school
  • imperial:every night you cry over martin septim
  • Skyrim:Okay, first you're gonna be almost executed by the empire, then a dragon will save you by destroying the town and killing everybody.
  • Oblivion:You have to fight your way through a dungeon protecting the Emperor from Mythic Dawn assassins, then take the sacred amulet to the Heir to the throne.
  • Morrowind:We're just gonna dump you in this shitty little swamp town with a note to find a guy. See ya!
SPOILING the end of each Elder Scrolls game without any context:

Arena: You assemble a magic walking stick so you can kill and then save the Emperor.

Daggerfall: A dozen different people get the same giant robot and kill each other with it. Also they don’t.

Morrowind: You kill an undead leader and destroy an old artifact, thus dooming your entire province to be squished by a rock.

Oblivion: You convince a man to break a really valuable gem right before he dies.

Skyrim: You and a bunch of ghosts yell at a big lizard until it dies so you can save the world. Either your country is ruled by racist assholes, or is conquered by racist assholes. You decide.

ES Online: You absorb the soul of one of your friends so you can kill a god who’s evil because he absorbs the souls of people.