morrow mission


Remembering  Flight To The Moon at Magic Kingdom

Flight To The Moon opened in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World in December 24, 1971, a little behind the October 1,1971 opening day of Magic Kingdom. After a brief introduction in a holding area, guests would enter the preshow room: Mission Control. Here guests got an inside look into their upcoming flight and met the director of operations, Mr. Tom Morrow. Guests exited Mission Control to head to the launch pad and their flight vehicle. The layout of the flight vehicle was a circular space with rows of seats surrounding a recessed center of the room. On the walls were multiple viewing screens as well as one on the ceiling and floor. As the craft launched into space the entire room, including the seats, began to shake with audible force. A few moments later as the craft exited Earth’s atmosphere, the seats changed to simulate the change in gravity. Guests were treated to a flight over the moon’s surface which they saw from the bottom “window” of the craft. While there, they were directed to look at the sun. As the importance of the mass of burning gasses was discussed, the craft suddenly becomes the victim of a meteor shower in space. The craft began to shake as sirens blasted but luckily, everyone is unharmed. Unfortunately, to keep guests from any more danger, it was then time to go back home to Earth. After just under 4 years of operation (and the end of Americans’ fascination with manned missions to the moon), Flight to the Moon sent its last guests on the journey in Spring of 1975. Just a few months later, the attraction re-opened with a similar premise and ride experience as Mission to Mars.