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URL Song Tag

I was tagged by @mooncollector, I loved this tag. Thank you <3!

V - Vow by Garbage

E - Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead

R - Regret by New Order

U - Underwear by Pulp

C - Closer by Nine In Nails

A - A Question Of Lust by Depeche Mode

S - Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie


S - Surgeon by St.Vincent

A - Always by Erasure

L - Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos

T - These Days by Nico

Y - You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side by Morrissey

 Rules: Write a song name + artist for each letter of your URL, then tag 10 people to do the same. I tag everyone.<3

Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to + tag 10 people.

i was tagged by @todisturbtheuniverse and have just enough chemically-enhanced alertness to be drawn to this meme.  i’m not, however, going to tag anybody.  

1.  22 (OVER S∞∞N) - Bon Iver:  it might be over soon (two, two)/where you gonna look for confirmation?/and if it’s ever gonna happen/so as i’m standing at the station/it might be over soon.—–> repetition of a truthful phrase that lacks judgment while naming countless contexts? my jam.  i always return to bon iver because, for me, justin vernon taps into every kind of palpable, environmental longing. the rest of the album (22, A Million) is just alright, but this track keeps prodding me the way his early work still does.

2.  Moana OST - as soon as Moana hit Netflix i watched it again and had a good, cleansing cry.  of the songs, which are all fantastic, it’s Where You Are that stays on a loop in my head.

3. Fall into Me - Alev Lenz: tired are your splendid soldiers/tired are they/here they go.—–> i heard this on Black Mirror and was instantly obsessed. lots of songs can be described as ‘haunting’ when they’re simply sad. this song is old-school ‘haunting,’ which is to say that the lyrics and music fill you with non-specific dread.

4. Black Mambo - Glass Animals:  Wanna play cheat now says the sloth/A domino flush to his nose/Tickle that cheek/And take your throne/Pump your veins/With gushing gold.—–> i frickin love Glass Animals. there’s a lazy, pop-y sexiness to their sound, and a cheeky wording to their lyrics.

5. With Whiskey - Tunng:  Hold the blankets tighter/Turn on all the lights/Mummify the lovers/Burn them in the night/Gather our belongings/And throw them from the train/Let go off the railings/Let go off the reins.—–> it’s the line ‘mummify the lovers/burn them in the night’ that’s super evocative for me.  i put this song on a dragon age AU playlist, but it’s one of those songs that’s perfect for angsty ships of all kinds.

6. Something I Can Never Have - Vitamin String Quartet (NIN cover, Westworld OST):  You make this all go away/You make this all go away/I’m down to just one thing/And I’m starting to scare myself.—–> i’m writing a spec fic western about a reclusive lady gunslinger, and of all the western-y tracks i curated for her playlist, this is the one that’s so apt. nine inch nails, man.   

7.  Raw Exit - POLICA: I was ready to die alone/When you finally make it home/I’ll be ready to freak and moan/Coming off of the x and o’s/Crawling out of your skin and bones.—–>  this song is on at least three of my smutfic-related mixes.  those fics never made it online, but this song still does it for me.

8.  How it Ends - DeVotchKa:  And you already know/Yeah, you already know how this will end/Now you’ve seen his face/And you know there’s a place in the sun/For all that you’ve done/For you and your children/No longer shall you need/You always wanted to believe/Just ask and you’ll receive/Beyond your wildest dreams.——> i used to listen to this song SO MUCH, and then not at all.  after Episode 66 of The Adventure Zone, the revelation of what Lucretia did, her betrayal and her sacrifice and the scope of all that pain…well, this song came roaring back. for me, it’s Lucretia’s theme.

9.  Only You - Yazoo: Wonder if you’ll understand/It’s just the touch of your hand/Behind a closed door.—–> it’s so gloriously 80s. it has that trademark of a simple lighthearted melody combined with words that are anything but light.  i listen to it when i have no idea what i’m feeling.

10.  Creek Lullaby - Margaret:  this circulated back in 2005 when it appeared on Deadwood.  i put it on my lady gunslinger’s playlist and i…sing it to myself sometimes.  it’s incredibly comforting.

[i’m always at least ten years behind other people when it comes to music.  i don’t hunt down new music.  someone has to shove it at me]