morrison natural history museum

If you’re ever near Denver and you like dinosaurs, I can’t recommend the Morrison Natural History Museum enough.  It’s small, but the staff are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable.  I got an essentially-private tour from a woman who was a working paleontologist and wanted to nerd out really hard over micro-fossils and mineralization processes and it was wonderful.  This is the connoisseur’s dinosaur museum.  Go there.


A monograph of lichens found in Britain being a descriptive catalogue of the species in the herbarium of the British Museum.

By British Museum (Natural History). Department of Botany.
Crombie, James Morrison, 1833-1906 ;Smith, Annie Lorrain, 1854-1937
Publication info London,Printed by Order of the Trustees,1894-1911.
Contributor:Cornell University Library


I spent my last day of spring break exploring the Golden area (again) with my sister and dad. We went to the Morrison Natural History Museum, and I would definitely recommend a visit! The last picture is Kevin, Marsh’s Apatosaurus, whose body (the rest of it) is at the Peabody Museum at Yale. Also, I got to help prep Kevin (all visitors do!)

Is there a “dino-maniac” in your life that has a birthday coming up? Our two-hour long birthday program consists of an hour-long Museum tour with hands-on demonstrations with short discussions about local fossils, rocks, and reptiles. Participants touch real and cast fossils, pet a snake, chip stone from dinosaur bone, paint a small cast of a dinosaur track, and more.