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Aila was in the laundry room washing the dirty sheets from the ward. As she was washing the sheets she couldn’t help but to think what happened earlier. “No, I can only train one resident.” Aila mocked Dr. Cullen.

Aila mocked herself. “Oh, I don’t mind, you just take the one surgery internship there is.”

“Aila why don’t you just wash ALL THE SHEETS IN THIS HOSPITAL?!” Aila mocked Dorian.

Aila mocked herself again. “Sure seems like fun!” Aila face palm herself. “I’m such a loser.”

In the middle of her rambling on about what happen, two people came into the laundry room kissing and groping each other. Aila knew instantly who it was. One of them was Vivian and the other person was Brody. She knew Brody because he was one of the doctor’s who save her life when she was in a life-threatening coma. “Uhm.. Brody.”

Both of them was stunned to see Aila there. “Aila?! Hi, ehm..I was just…ehm..showing Vivian where to find the…ehm..disinfectant,,,yeah. So… you know. Bye. Nice seeing you Aila.” Brody walked out embarrassed.

Vivian smiled at Aila. “Have a good lunch.” Vivian said before she walked out. Aila didn’t really care about them. She was just ready to go home now.

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So random Morrison legacy shots again! Aden and Bonbon are making friends watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmare’s together(cooking channel lol), Bryce and Brianne aged up to children, so I revamped the nursery to Bryce’s room, and decorated Brianne’s room. I think they are both adorable. But, the kids might end up in boarding school, multi-tasking is so not my forte. Also, GNOME WORLD DONINATION PLOT. They apparently all decided to meet beneath the tree to discuss their hostile takeover.


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Random shots from the Morrison legacy: The Gnomish plot to take over the world has returned! Also, Mollie totally blew of work randomly to go sing karaoke at the local arcade. The twins Bryce and Brianne aged up into toddlers, and naturally Mollie and Aden started teaching them to walk and talk right away. I love these thing 1 and thing 2 t-shirts, and was so tickled to be able to use them again!