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What happened to morri's twin?

Not sure if spoiler.

Although I guess it could be deduced from the artist description from that drawing in DevArt I linked. A lone, recently widowed mother with two pups in the barren border area of the Crater, with no pack or anyone to help, during a great famine following the Big War.

(Like there’s a flashback scene I’m debating on if or where in the comic I can squeeze it in… Morri doesn’t have all that much character development in comic, which is making it a bit hard.)

“I miss seasons one to five when everyone felt like an equal part of the family, including Peter. There was more balance of screen time. Now, I feel like it’s 90% the same three characters and everyone else just gets shoehorned in because they’re supposed to be on the ranch”

NBA Draft | Markieff and Marcus Morris

Twin brothers from Kansas go back to back in the NBA Draft.

I haven’t talked about them much, but I like both of them. It was a slight surprise that Markieff was drafted before Marcus, but both guys will be solid NBA players.

Markieff is a low post, rebounder type and Marcus is more of a shooter/slasher that knowns how to finish.

You know I'm watching the draft tonight

For the same reason I watched last year….to see where my Kansas boys go. Obviously I’m more excited to see where the twins end up, but I don’t feel as much apathy toward selby as other Kansas fans. I’m still looking forward to seeing what kind of pick he gets.

Represent Kansas well boys. Do your thang in the NBA.


My first NBA Draft! Too bad that Adele song is getting annoying though. Congrats to the Morris twins on getting #13/14th pick, they are adorable!!!  (Fwd to 1:44 for their Boyz II Men dance)

Late Night at the Phog 2010: Bill Self as Vanilla Ice and Boyz 2 Men Dance (by sxerunner)


my boys :) I don’t care where they go, they will always be representing Kansas. I’m excited to see where they end up. Looks like I’ll have a new favorite NBA team, or two.