Spencer has a twin 👯

They made sure we were very aware of Spencer’s outfit and her watch in that scene in the house vs the airport. She checked her watch waiting for Mary. Then Ezra checks his watch at the airport before he sees “Spencer” who DOESN’T have a watch on. Mind you she’s had it on pretty much every episode throughout the seasons! Honestly I always wondered if it’s Troian’s or Spencer’s. Hmmm it could be Melissa with a mask on or Spencer’s twin AD! Hence not wanting to be mentioned to anyone especially Aria now that Aria is working for AD she might find it strange that Spencer was there AND that’s why the person speaking to her has Aria’s face on during video calls. Think about it if Aria asks Spencer why she was with Wren and Spencer would have no clue what she’s talking about then Aria would figure out who AD is or at least that there’s a twin.
Did anyone else get a Bethany vibe from avataria (saw this on someone’s post thought it was hilarious 😂) her face looked disfigured on one side. This reminds me of a theory I read about Bethany being Aria’s twin or sister hence the “lady with the big beige purse” which was mentioned the same episode Ella had a big beige purse! Also AD feels a lot like Melissa the way she speaks and threatens her, just the whole tone of the conversation.
I also noticed Mona refer to the person behind the game as an addict…. Jason! The whole pink streak in her hair and getting Aria on their side out of all the liars.
So far AD:
- Spencer’s twin
- Melissa
- Jason

NBA Draft | Markieff and Marcus Morris

Twin brothers from Kansas go back to back in the NBA Draft.

I haven’t talked about them much, but I like both of them. It was a slight surprise that Markieff was drafted before Marcus, but both guys will be solid NBA players.

Markieff is a low post, rebounder type and Marcus is more of a shooter/slasher that knowns how to finish.


My first NBA Draft! Too bad that Adele song is getting annoying though. Congrats to the Morris twins on getting #13/14th pick, they are adorable!!!  (Fwd to 1:44 for their Boyz II Men dance)

Late Night at the Phog 2010: Bill Self as Vanilla Ice and Boyz 2 Men Dance (by sxerunner)


my boys :) I don’t care where they go, they will always be representing Kansas. I’m excited to see where they end up. Looks like I’ll have a new favorite NBA team, or two.