Ibeyi return with ’River’, the follow up to their entrancing debut single ’Oya’. In this one, the duo share verses in which they sing/speak before coming together for the chorus over a choppy beat. That’s the accompanying visual up top; it’s directed by Ed Morris and captures the twins performing the track whilst submerged underwater. Fun fact, it’s dedicated to the river Goddess, Oshun!

Rockets take Marcus Morris with #14 pick in 2011 NBA Draft

Just got home from the gym and my shift and saw my boys took my favorite Kansas baller in the draft! This day just got awesome! He’ll be a great replacement to fill the void Carl Landry (who we all still love and miss) left when we shipped him off to Sac-town.

Who would’ve thought Markieff would’ve gone before his brother?! Wow. I mean Marcus was the Big 12 player of the year! Phoenix, you got a great KU boy…but how did you manage to mix up the twins like that? Either way, I’m glad you did because H-town will love Marcus.

Ahhhhh! I’m super stoked the Rockets front office pulled this out!!! Someone let me know when the Rockets player shirts are ready…I want a Morris one!

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Morris Twins, you are too stinkin cute

When asked what NBA team they each want to play for–

“I would pick any team if I could go with my brother. So whoever would pick me and my brother that would be my team and the team I would want to play for.”

- Markieff Morris

“Whatever team Kieff goes to. I mean even if I went second round and we went to the same team that’s good for us and I would take that.”

- Marcus Morris 

NBA Draft | Markieff and Marcus Morris

Twin brothers from Kansas go back to back in the NBA Draft.

I haven’t talked about them much, but I like both of them. It was a slight surprise that Markieff was drafted before Marcus, but both guys will be solid NBA players.

Markieff is a low post, rebounder type and Marcus is more of a shooter/slasher that knowns how to finish.

I still think Wren is the real Charles and/or the real A. Always have, always will.

It’s not a coincidence that wren returns in season 7.. why bring him back if it’s not important? I still firmly believe he will be revealed as a major villian… and this photo just gives me more hope that marlene will give the pll army the ending we all very much deserve. 💋

Philadelphia natives Markieff and Marcus Morris are identical twin brothers with identical tattoos.  They both played forward for the Kansas Jayhawks and now are both in the NBA.  Markieff Morris plays for the Phoenix Suns (#13 overall draft pick in 2011), and Marcus Morris plays for the Houston Rockets (#14 overall draft pick in 2011).  As of this post, Markieff has played in all but one of the Suns’ games in his first season, starting 5, averaging 7 points and 4.3 rebounds per game.  Marcus has played in 9 games all season for the Rockets, and was ticketed for his alleged involvement in a bar fight the day after the NBA Rising Stars Challenge during All Star Weekend.